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Locker service solutions, repairs & replacements

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Locker Maintenance, Repairs, replacements and servicing

Our team can supply practically any part you might need to get your lockers and other storage units looking and functioning like new. The parts available include electronic, latch and card swipe locks, door panels and much more.

We even run a locker key replacement service.

If you feel able to fix the unit yourself, we can simply send you the parts you require; alternatively, our technicians can come to your property and make onsite repairs.

If this will disrupt your working day too much we can usually take the entire unit back to our factory and return it once it’s fixed. Repair and refurbishment of old lockers is a greener and more cost effective option than replacing

Locker maintenance. As expert locker suppliers, we’re more than happy to share our knowledge and make sure you’re getting the most out of your existing storage facilities, whether you bought them us or elsewhere.

We have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and our team is made up of skilled engineers and friendly customer service staff who will be only too happy to assist with any question, query or service you might require. Get in touch today or use the link below to request a service.

Damage to Lockers

We’re proud to only offer locker and storage products that guarantee the safe keeping of the items held inside.

However, we also appreciate that even the most durable lockers eventually get worn down and damaged.

Broken lockers create a bad impression, and raise concerns about security and safety.

In a professional setting, whether a leisure centre or gym, this can be bad for business and it also creates a negative atmosphere with schools or other educational environments. Therefore, if any of your lockers have recently incurred damage, you should waste no time in getting them repaired.

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