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Universal Hasp Locks: Secure Any Locker

Universal Hasp Locks: Secure Any Locker

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Probe hasp lock a direct replacement

The Most Versatile & Industry Standard Lock for Lockers

This swivel hasp lock is an ideal replacement for existing locker locks with keys or for replacing an existing hasp lock.

The lock is fixed to the locker with a nut so it will work in all situations.

This is the latest line of swivel hasp locks from Lowe and Fletcher and it is noted for its reliability.

For use with padlock with 5mm to 7mm shackle.

If you need a different cam then call us on 01284 749211 and we should be able to match your existing cam.

We carry this lock in stock for immediate dispatch.

SpecificationSpecification sheet

What is a swivel hasp lock?

A swivel hasp lock is a type of locking mechanism where the cam (the locking arm) can rotate or swivel. When used for lockers, it often features a built-in hasp to accept padlocks.

Why would I use a swivel cam lock over a traditional cam lock?

Swivel cam locks allow users to secure lockers with their own padlocks. This can be particularly useful in settings where individual users prefer to bring their own security, such as gyms or schools.

Can I replace my traditional cam lock with a swivel cam lock?

Yes, in most cases. However, ensure that the dimensions and design of the swivel cam lock fit your locker's existing hole and door setup.

What type of padlocks can be used with a swivel cam lock?

Most swivel cam locks are designed to accept a variety of shackle diameters. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications to determine the maximum and minimum shackle size acceptable.

Do swivel cam locks come with their own padlocks?

Typically, they do not. The idea is for users to provide their own padlock.

How secure are swivel cam locks?

The security of a swivel cam lock is often determined by the strength and quality of the padlock used with it. It’s always recommended to use a robust, high-quality padlock for best security.

How do I install a swivel cam lock?

Installation typically involves inserting the lock through the locker door hole, fixing it in place with the provided nut, and then attaching the swivel cam at the back. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specifics.

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Itemcode: 5720HaspH

Universal Hasp Lock


Price: £6.20 Plus V.A.T.
£7.44 V.A.T. Inc


  L&F Hasp  L&F Hasp schematic 

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