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Leisure Wrist Straps For Keys

TLS Wrist strap - Let your customer know they are number one

Numbered Wrist Strap for Securing keys - Black Click to enlarge

Delivery Information

The approximate lead time is 2 Working Days.

Delivery to Mainland UK only, without any restrictions.

Our delivery times are; Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm.

We will deliver using the most economical method, using either our own vehicles or a carrier.

Goods may be palletised and delivered on an articulated vehicle.

The deliveries are kerb side only, you will need to arrange to unload the vehicle.

If there are any delivery restrictions / specific dates / times / dedicated deliveries, or FORS Registered deliveries; please contact the sales department as there may be an additional cost.


Leisure Wrist Straps locker wrist straps for locker keys

Whatever your require Total Locker Service have the replacement leisure locker wrist band to meet your needs.

These straps have been designed by us to be strong durable and long lasting, our polymer formula has been developed to be strong and soft on the skin.

Our latest polymer formula has been designed, extensively tested in municipal leisure centres and proven to minimise colour fade.

This strap is water slide friendly & Our tests have shown that the straps on average is lasting twice as long as our competitors products & are constantly being improved.

This leisure straps will fit most keys with a hole diameter of 4.5mm or more, some of which are ASSA, Lowe and Fletcher coin lock keys, Lowe and Fletcher cam lock keys, Ronis, Ojmar, Helmsman, Probe, Link and much more.

Total Locker Service Presents our locker key straps, available in the following stock colours:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

Our straps are supplied complete with a rivet for securing the locker key.

Straps are compatible with most locker lock keys including ASSA, L&F & Ojmar.

We can number straps and despatch them next day.

You can buy from our web site or call our team on 01284 749211

SpecificationSpecification sheet

Leisure Wrist Straps specification

Leisure Wrist Straps For Locker Keys

Wrist strap effective circumference 220mm

Wrist strap numbers from 0 to 9999

No metal buckles

Rivers brass with nickel plate

Number colours red and black straps white all other colours black

Leisure wrist strap colour Choice:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

Wrist strap assembly

What materials are used in the construction of the numbered wrist straps?

The materials used can vary between manufacturers but commonly include silicone, rubber, or plastic. It is essential to choose materials that are comfortable against the skin and resistant to water, chlorine, and general wear and tear.

Are the wrist straps adjustable or do they come in multiple sizes?

Our wrist straps are adjustable, allowing a snug fit on various wrist sizes, while others may come in fixed sizes. Check the product specifications for sizing information.

Are the wrist straps waterproof?

All wrist straps designed for use in swimming pools are waterproof, but it's always good to confirm this specification.

How are the numbers displayed on the wrist straps?

On our wrist straps numbers are hot foil printed.

What is the typical lifespan of these wrist straps?

Our wrist straps usually last more than 3 years if correctly used and are specially designed to withstand a swimming pool environment.

Can the wrist straps be customised?

We offer a variety of strap colours and number ranges. Straps are usually delivered in under a week.

Is there a discount for bulk orders?

We offer bulk order discounts. This is particularly useful for facilities requiring large quantities of wrist straps.

How should the wrist straps be cleaned and maintained?

Cleaning procedures may vary based on the material. Usually, a simple wash with soap and water is sufficient. Check manufacturer guidelines for specific care instructions.

What is the typical delivery time for these wrist straps?

Under one working week

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on the quantity ordered and the destination. Some suppliers may offer free shipping for large orders or within certain geographical areas.


Leisure Wrist Straps


Numbered Wrist Strap for Securing keys - Black



Price: £3.25 Plus V.A.T.
£3.90 V.A.T. Inc


  Leisure Wrist Straps - Black or White, foil printed as desired  Leisure Wrist Straps 
Blue numbered wrist straps 

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