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Probe replacement locks and parts avalable from stock

  Locker parts

Probe replacement locks, keys and parts for lockers

At Total Locker Service, we provide a wide range of Probe locks and parts. We can provide you with replacement locks, card holders and number plates. We have a wide range of options if you are considering upgrading your current locking method.

Having problems with keys and would like to be able to use padlocks, we can provide a kit of parts to assist you in doing this. Looking to use mechanical or electronic combination locks, we have solutions to fit probe lockers.

if you need to use coin locks, we have a retrofit coin lock which uses a £1 coin that is a direct replacement for a key of swivel hasp.

We manufacture laminate number discs, hotel key fobs, and locker key fobs and cut our replacement keys, including Lowe and Fletcher, on a next-day delivery. Our staff can supply practically any part you might need to get your lockers and other storage units looking and functioning like new. The parts available include keys, locks, swivel hasp locks, coin locks, electronic and mechanical combination locks and much more.

If you can fix the unit yourself, we can send you the parts you require; alternatively, our technicians can come to your property and make onsite repairs.

Locker accessories

Replacement locker keys

We supply a wide range of replacement locker keys on a next-day service. For instance, this includes Ojmar security keys, Lowe and Fletcher keys, ALL Ojmar coin lock keys, Lowe and Fletcher locker keys, Probe locker keys, Link Locker keys. Above all most of our keys are despatched on a next day delivery.

If you are unsure which key you need, then we are here to help.

Locker wrist straps

Our leisure locker wrist straps are manufactured by us and have been doing so for over ten years. Therefore, our wrist straps are specially formulated to tolerate swimming pool chemicals. Straps are supplied with a rivet to allow you to secure the key. All major manufacturers' locker keys will fit our leisure locker wrist straps. In other words, if you would like the straps numbering, we can do that up to 4 digits.

Locker number plates and key fobs

We manufacture all our laminate products, locker numbers plates, key fobs, hotel key fobs, and large hotel key fobs. Therefore all of them are manufactured from premium engraving laminate. In addition all of which are available in a wide range of colours. Number plates are manufactured from .9 to 1,5mm thick laminate. Key fobs are manufactured from 3.2mm laminate.

If you don't see a product that meets your need, then email us the artwork, text, size and colour and we will email you a quotation

Locker tokens

Our locker token offer is extensive. The tokens are manufactured from brass in denominations of £2, £1 and a range of custom sizes.

Locker locks

Locker coin locks

Our Coin lock offering includes the following manufacturers, ASSA, Lowe and Fletcher and Ojmar.

Therefore we stock all three models ofOjmar coin locks, dry specification, wet specification with standard keys and wet specification with security keys.

Locke key locks

Key locks we stock cam locks with two keys for Helmsman, Probe, and Link, along with a range of universal locks that can be used on almost all metal lockers.

However, if you need replacement key locks for Atlas lockers, we have an alternative key lock that is cost-effective.

Locker hasp locks

Hasp locks we stock Probe, Link51, and Helmsman, all of which are nut fixed to allow maximum flexibility. We stock these locks for immediate dispatch.

Locker combination locks

Locker manufacturers parts

If you need locker parts, we stock an extensive range of locker parts for Probe storage. Our team will be happy to provide you with advice.

Replacement locker parts - Total Locker Service


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