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Lowe & Fletcher locks for lockers, Full Range

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Lockers are a perfect way to increase security for staff and visitors in a business or public service location.

Whether that means storing substances according to COSHH regulations, giving employees somewhere to keep their workwear or police lockers for securely storing uniforms and radios, quality lockers bring organisation to day-to-day work.

Our extensive range of industrial and work lockers are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, with something for every workplace. Workwear Lockers

In any environment, workplace changing rooms are notoriously disorganised.

Our work lockers have been developed to bring structure and management to your space.

Choose from divided and welled designs which are perfect for hanging up uniforms and PPE, in a range of different specifications.

Clean and dirty lockers give users the opportunity to separate uniforms to be laundered.

Divided twin lockers give employees full-length space for hanging clothes up, while their narrower width maximises the number of people who can use each space.

Alternatively, double door designs with various shelving options are ideal for larger items.

Each robust workwear locker has been made from sturdy steel, and can be safely secured to the wall or neighbouring lockers.

Our police lockers have been developed in conjunction with officers, with allocated space for everything from stab vests to riot helmets, and even small charging lockers for radios.

Lowe & Fletcher Locks for Locker Doors

Lowe & Fletcher Classic Coin Lock

A Coin Latch Lock 2764 with a hook bolt.

These locks are available for use in wet or dry areas

Left and right orientation available.

Accepts both the traditional and new £1 coins.

Ideal for use in gyms and fitness centres, spas and swimming pools.

Standard finish: Bright chrome nozzle, all components non-ferrous (wet area)

Product Page Specification Sheet
L&F Coin Lock

Lowe & Fletcher Euro coin locks

A Coin lock 2786 and 2788 with a sliding bolt and left and right orientation.

The lock is either dry or fully wet area* tested and suitable for chlorinated atmospheres so is ideal for use in swimming pools, gyms, fitness centres and spas.

The lock can operate with a comprehensive range of coins or tokens thus encouraging users to return their key.

Product Page Specification Sheet
Euro coin locks

Lowe & Fletcher Hasp Lock

This swivel hasp lock is an ideal replacement for existing locker locks.

The lock is fixed to the locker with a nut so it will work in all situations.

The latest swivel hasp locks from Lowe and Fletcher, noted for its reliability.

For use with padlock with 5mm to 7mm shackle.

Product Page Specification Sheet
L&F Hasp

Lowe & Fletcher Hasp Lock Large

This large swivel hasp lock is the same size as an ASSA hasp lock and can be used as a low cost alternative.

The lock is fixed to the locker with a nut so it will work in all situations.

The latest swivel hasp locks from Lowe and Fletcher, noted for its reliability.

For use with padlock with 5mm to 7mm shackle.

Product Page Specification sheet

L&F Hasp

Universal Cam lock

Available with a wide variety of cams to suit the specifics of your locker system; Industry standard lock for Major locker manufacturer

This Lock Can be provided on your current Master series and is used by the following manufacturer:

  • Lowe & Fletcher
  • Helmsman
  • Probe
  • Link
  • Garran

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Product Page Specification sheet
Cam lock

Four-digit mechanical combination lock with master key override

This lock is programmable by the user and the master key allows an administrator to open the lock or change the combination.

This combination lock is a direct replacement for most metal locker cam or swivel hasp locks.

Product Page Specification sheet
Mechanical combination lock

Wet Area Digital Combination Lock

Ideal for wet and chlorinated areas, rated IP54.

The model 3781 digital combination lock is compatible with the optional remote allocation system making it ideal for locker and storage areas in the swimming pool, gym, health centre and spa.

Specification sheet
combination lock

Dry area combination lock

Dry area digital combination lock model 3780.

This digital combination lock is easy to use and versatile locking system that eliminates the need for keys.

Available with a range of standard and optional features, this lock is designed to suit almost any environment or application.

Compatible with the optional remote allocation system, typical applications include Lockers, Metal and Wooden Office Furniture and Postal.

Specification sheet
combination lock model 3780


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