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Workplace Lockers Industrial Lockers Staff Lockers tool lockers

Lockers are a perfect way to increase security for staff and visitors in a business or public service location. Our workplace lockers help you organise.

Whether that means storing substances according to COSHH regulations, giving employees somewhere to keep their workwear or police lockers for securely storing uniforms and radios, quality lockers bring organisation to day-to-day work.

Our extensive range of industrial and work lockers are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, with something for every workplace. Workwear Lockers

In any environment, workplace changing rooms are notoriously disorganised. Our work lockers have been developed to bring structure and management to your space.

Choose from divided and welled designs which are perfect for hanging up uniforms and PPE, in a range of different specifications.

Clean and dirty lockers give users the opportunity to separate uniforms to be laundered. Divided twin lockers give employees full-length space for hanging clothes up, while their narrower width maximises the number of people who can use each space.

Alternatively, double door designs with various shelving options are ideal for larger items.

Each robust workwear locker has been made from sturdy steel, and can be safely secured to the wall or neighbouring lockers.

Our police lockers have been developed in conjunction with officers, with allocated space for everything from stab vests to riot helmets, and even small charging lockers for radios.

Workplace Lockers

Probe lockers

Wide choice and range of colours

Probe lockers best UK price

Probe lockers

Divided lockers

Divided storage so you can segregate clean from dirty garments

Divided lockers also provide a hat shelf

Locker size 1780mm high x 460mm wide x 460mm deep

Carcase colour Silver

Specification sheetBuy Divided Lockers 
workplace lockers

Z locker

Z Lockers provide compact storage with hanging space for garments along with personal effects

Storage space for personal items

Locker size 1780mm high x 380mm wide x 460mm deep

Carcase colour Silver, Black or White

Minimum order quantity 20 locker

Z Shaped locker

Clear Door Lockers

Choice of 300 and 450mm depth lockers

Fitted with security shelf to prevent unauthorised access to compartment below

Fitted with standard mastered cam locks with 2,000 differs

Two tier lockers fitted with coat hook in each compartment

Quality clear Perspex door

Carcass powder coated grey with Germ Guard Active Technology antibacterial paint

Vision Lockers - Full Range 
Vision Door Lockers

Twin Locker

Need garments to hand?

Twin lockers are designed for workplaces where space is scarce.

  • Cube shape storage compartment at the top
  • Long thin hanging compartment with rail
  • Locker size 1780mm high x 460mm wide x 460mm deep
Specification sheetBuy Twin Lockers
Twin Locker

Uniform Locker and janitors lockers

Uniform lockers provide a mixture of storage

  • Large top compartment for personal items
  • Large half width hanging area for long garments
  • Smaller compartment for storing folded garments & shoes.
  • Locker size 1780mm high x 460mm wide x 460mm deep
Specification sheet
Uniform locker

Postal Locker

Postal Lockers, post box locker, mailbox lockers

  • Available in 10 and 15 compartments
  • Control door to provide management access to all compartments
  • Postal slot can be sized to your needs
  • Locker dimensions: 1780mm high x 380mm wide x 460mm deep
  • Door colour from our standard range
Postal lockers
Postal Locker

Tool Charging locker

Designed to safely store and charge tools in a safe ventilated environment.

Each compartment is fitted with a standard UK three-pin socket.

Other options are available for inventory control devices.

This locker is available in two sizes.

  • Dimensions: 1775mm high x 300mm wide x 450mm deep, flat top.
  • Door colour is from our standard colour range.

Fitted with:

  • mastered cam locks 2 keys per lock
  • or swivel hasp locks to take a padlock.

Tool Charging lockers
Tool Charging Locker

Staff Lockers System 1300

Metal staff lockers with compartments 1 to 6 wide choice of locking mechanisms. Lockers come as standard with key locks 2 keys per lock and swivel hasp locks to take a padlock

One and two door lockers 450mm deep are supplied with hanging rails

Single door lockers also provide a hat shelf

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staff locker

Phone Charging Lockers

Phone charging and personal effects lockers, this small compartment locker is ideal for charging and storing small electronic products, phones, scanners, small printers etc

Lockers are available in 5, 10, 12,20, 30 and 40 compartments, lockers have as standard key locks with 2 keys or swivel hasp locks to take a padlock.

Large selection of locks available at a premium.

Buy Phone lockers
phone charging locker

Police lockers

A range of lockers designed to be used as Police equipment storage, this range is ideal for any staff lockers where kit needs to be organised.

This range of large lockers is available as standard with key locks 2 keys per lock or swivel hasp locks to take a padlock.

Dimensions 1775mm high x 700mm wide x 450mm deep

Buy Police lockers
Police lockers

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