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Tool Charging Lockers

Tool Charging Lockers,for storage and charging

Pure Power Recharge 4 Door Locker 1800mm X 380mm X 450mm With 3 Pin Plug and Cam Lock Click to enlarge

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Tool And Battery Charging Lockers

This range of lockers is available in 4 through to 6 doors.

The most popular configuration for charging batter drills and hand tool batteries is the 4-door locker.

We produce lockers with smaller compartments for charging date collection devices, cameras, mobile phones and radios.

The product is fully CE marked and each compartment has a standard 3-pin UK socket or USB.

Tool charging lockers are designed to safely store and charge cordless hand tool batteries in a safe ventilated environment.

With an increasing use of portable hand tools and appliances it is increasingly important to be able to store and charge the product and batteries in a safe location.

Each compartment is fitted with a standard UK three-pin socket.

This locker is available in two sizes with a range of locking options; door colour is from our standard colour range.

Other options are available for inventory control devices.

Tool Charging lockers fitted with mastered cam locks 2 keys per lock or swivel hasp locks to take a padlock.

Dimensions 1800mm high x 380mm wide x 450mm deep, flat top, carcase colour Pure grey.

Additional locking options at a premium, coin locks, mechanical combination locks, electronic combination locks are just a selection.

SpecificationSpecification sheet

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  • Locker doors 4 to 6 compartments
  • Locker height 1800mm
  • Locker widths 380mm and 450mm
  • Locker depths 450mm
  • Locking options cam lock with 2 keys or swivel hasp lock to take a padlock
  • Master key available
  • Locker phosphate and powder coated
  • Strong UK manufactured product
  • Product lead-time 3 weeks
  • Locker door colours

Colour chart

Tool Charging Lockers

Tool Charging Lockers Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tool charging locker?

A tool charging locker is a secure storage unit designed to house and charge power tools, laptops, or other electronic devices. These lockers come equipped with built-in electrical outlets and sometimes USB ports, enabling the secure charging of tools and equipment. They are commonly used in industrial settings, educational institutions, and public spac

How do tool charging lockers work?

Tool charging lockers are generally connected to a power source through an electrical outlet. Once connected, the individual compartments can provide power to the tools or devices stored inside them. Users can plug their tools into the available outlets and lock the compartment for security while the devices are being charged.

What are the dimensions of a standard tool charging locker?

The dimensions can vary based on the manufacturer and intended usage. However, a typical tool charging locker might have dimensions in the range of 1800mm height, 300mm width, and 450mm depth. The individual compartments can also vary in size depending on the locker configuration.

What are the safety features to look for?

Look for lockers that offer surge protection and ventilation to prevent overheating. Some units come with built-in circuit breakers to protect against electrical faults. It is also important that the locker be made of fire-resistant material and comply with relevant safety standards.

Can the lockers be customized?

Many manufacturers offer customizable solutions where you can choose the number of compartments, the types of locks (keyed or electronic), and additional features such as USB charging ports or additional ventilation.

What types of locks are available?

Tool charging lockers often come with various locking options including padlocks, key locks, combination locks, or electronic key card systems. Some advanced models also offer biometric locking mechanisms.

How are these lockers installed?

These lockers need to be connected to an electrical supply and may require professional installation to ensure that they meet local electrical codes and standards. Once installed, they can be anchored to a wall or floor for additional security.

Do these lockers require regular maintenance?

Regular cleaning and occasional electrical maintenance are advised to ensure that the locker functions safely and efficiently. Dust and debris should be removed, and electrical components like outlets should be checked for wear and tear.

Are there any limitations on what can be charged?

While designed to charge tools and electronic devices, the limitations on what can be charged will depend on the electrical specifications of the locker and the device being charged. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for both the locker and the device to ensure compatibility.

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Pure Power Recharge 4 Door Locker 1800mm X 380mm X 450mm With 3 Pin Plug and Cam Lock




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