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Gun Safes with Capacity of 1 to 7 Guns

We supply an extensive range of gun safes and cabinet in a variety of sizes and gun capacities. Gun safes and cabinets are essential if you keep guns. Our range of gun storage is Police Approved. To comply with the guidelines, you might be required to purchase a separate safe to store your ammunition.

Our models offer security to keep shotguns and rifles locked away. If you have valuable guns, we recommend you consider a gun safe as they provide a higher protection level. Gun cabinets are available in various locking mechanisms. Key lock is the most popular for most gun cabinets. Gun cabinet models with electronic locks are also available.

Any item purchased will need to be fixed to a solid surface to ensure you meet guidelines for firearms and not sited in full view of a window to ensure passers-by are not alerted to the presence of guns being stored. Depending on the type of surface you are fixing, too will influence the type of bolt you will need; some models are provided with bolts for concrete. Please check with your local firearms officer for full details of fixing and sitting your gun cabinet.

We offer free UK mainland delivery on all the products in this section. With products being available for a next working day delivery. If your requirement is urgent, please do not hesitate to contact one of our sales team.

Gun Cabinets Frequently Asked Questions

What are the legal requirements for gun cabinets in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, firearms and shotguns must be stored securely to prevent unauthorized access, usually in a lockable gun cabinet. The cabinets should conform to British Standard BS 7558, which is the British standard for gun security. It is essential to consult the specific legislation and guidelines set out by your local police force and the Home Office for up-to-date information.

What materials are commonly used in metal gun cabinets?

Metal gun cabinets are typically made from steel, with varying thickness levels depending on the level of security required. The steel is often galvanized or powder-coated for added protection against corrosion.

How do I determine the right size of a metal gun cabinet?

The size of the cabinet will depend on the number and types of firearms you own. Consider not just the length of the guns but also space for scopes, ammunition, and accessories. Typically, the internal measurements will be listed in centimeters. Make sure to provide some extra room for future acquisitions.

What types of locks are commonly used?

Different types of locking mechanisms are used, including key locks, electronic keypad locks, and biometric fingerprint locks. The choice of lock often depends on personal preference and the level of security desired.

Is it mandatory to bolt the cabinet to the wall?

In most cases, it is a legal requirement to securely fix the cabinet to a solid structure, like a wall or floor, to prevent it from being easily moved or stolen. The mounting should be done using heavy-duty bolts, typically at least 10mm in diameter.

How do I maintain a metal gun cabinet?

Routine maintenance includes checking the lock mechanisms and the integrity of the cabinet itself. It may also involve applying oil to moving parts and checking for any signs of corrosion, addressing these as soon as they're spotted.

Are there additional features I should look for?

Some cabinets offer additional features like internal lighting, foam padding, and separate compartments for ammunition and accessories. These may not be legally required but can provide extra convenience and security.

What is the average cost of a metal gun cabinet in the UK?

Prices can vary widely based on size, material quality, and additional features. As of my last update in January 2022, basic models may start around £100, while more robust, feature-rich cabinets can cost upwards of £500.

Where can I purchase a metal gun cabinet in the UK?

Metal gun cabinets can be purchased from specialized sporting goods stores, online retailers, and sometimes even general home improvement stores. Always check that the cabinet meets British Standard BS 7558 and any other legal requirements before purchasing.

Can I build my own metal gun cabinet?

While it's technically possible to build your own gun cabinet, it must meet the British Standard BS 7558 and be approved by your local police firearms licensing department. Failure to meet these standards can result in severe legal repercussions.

Gun Safes

Store your gun collection securely with a gun safe, gun cabinet or gun safe locker from Phoenix Safe. We have a great range of both big gun safes and smaller gun safes available, with our largest gun safes being able to store up to 7 guns. All of our gun safes are tested to British Standard BS7558/92 and are made with galvanised steel and 7 lever locks to ensure maximum protection.

Total Locker Service provides an extremely wide range of gun safes, if you don't find what you are looking for here please call 01284 749211.

Gun Safes For 1 To 7 Guns Free UK Delivery

GS8000K Series - LacertaGS8000K Series - Lacerta

from £107 Plus V.A.T.

GS8015K Series - TucanaGS8015K Series - Tucana

from £475 Plus V.A.T.

GS8020 Series - Rigel Gun SafeGS8020 Series - Rigel Gun Safe

from £1129 Plus V.A.T.

Gun LockGun Lock

from £18 Plus V.A.T.

Turnbull Gun CabinetTurnbull Gun Cabinet

from £515 Plus V.A.T.

High security Ammunition CabinetHigh security Ammunition Cabinet

from £220 Plus V.A.T.


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