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Metal Lockers Storage Lockers & Cabinets

We supply a large range of lockers Metal Lockers, office locker Storage Lockers and Cabinets; some are available on a next day delivery.

What types of metal are commonly used for lockers?

The most commonly used metals for lockers are steel and aluminum. Steel lockers are generally more durable and cost-effective, whereas aluminum lockers are lighter and more resistant to corrosion.

Are metal lockers secure?

The security of a metal locker largely depends on the quality of the locking mechanism and the thickness of the metal used in its construction. Higher-grade lockers with robust locking mechanisms are generally more secure.

How do I maintain a metal locker?

Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is generally sufficient for most metal lockers. For steel lockers, it's crucial to immediately address any signs of rust to prevent further corrosion.

Can metal lockers be customized?

Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options such as different colors, sizes, and locking mechanisms. Some even offer the ability to add branding or logos.

What is the typical lifespan of a metal locker?

The lifespan of a metal locker can vary based on the type of metal, the environment in which it is placed, and how well it is maintained. Generally speaking, a well-maintained steel locker can last for many years.

Do metal lockers come pre-assembled?

This varies by manufacturer and model. Most metal lockers come pre-assembled, while others require assembly. Make sure to check this before making a purchase.

What are the common locking mechanisms for metal lockers?

Common locking mechanisms include key locks, padlocks, combination locks, and electronic locks.

Are metal lockers fireproof?

Two of our ranges of metal lockers are fireproof most are generally considered non-combustible. However, they can conduct heat, so it's essential to consider this aspect in environments where fire safety is a concern.

School Metal Lockers

We have a wide range of metal lockers to meet your needs.

Our Link metal lockers are strong and robust and dispatched on a five-day delivery; our Premium lockers form a vast range of locker options that can be modified to meet your needs.

The basic Premium Storage lockers range consists of 6 door options four widths and three depth options.

There are also 14 locker colours within the range. Locking options are limited to what is currently available as locker locks.

Probe lockers

We supply the full range of Probe Storage lockers this locker carries a fire rating and includes laptop and tablet storage and charging lockers.

All Probe lockers are powder coated with Activecoat the hard wearing anti-bacterial powder coating for the most stringent hygienic environment.

What school lockers are best for resisting damage

Standard lockers

Probe, Link, lockers are all good quality lockers designed for reasonable use in schools.

Heavy duty lockers

System 1300HD and Probe laminate door lockers are designed to withstand abuse such as kicking the doors, the compact grade laminate doors are very strong and tough and can withstand direct impact to the locker doors.

Extra heavy duty lockers

System 1300EHD laminate door lockers have been designed in participation with schools to provide the most robust solution possible.

This locker has an inset laminate door which sits in a door frame making it very robust against impact from the front. The locker has cross members between compartments; the cross members are welded into the frame providing a guard against damaging the locker shelves.

Probe lockers

We supply the full range of Probe lockers this locker carries a fire rating and includes laptop and tablet storage and charging lockers.

All Probe lockers are powder coated with Activecoat the hard wearing anti-bacterial powder coating for the most stringent hygienic environment.

School Lockers

We offer an extensive range of good value lockers for lockers for schools and education establishments in the UK.

Our school lockers have been specifically designed with the assistance of schools especially the System 1300EHD range; We offer an extensive colour range. Our Link locker can be delivered within 5 working days. This is why our customers have rated us 4.6 out of 5 through the independent review agency Collect Reviews.

Primary school lockers

We can also tailor make our System 1300hd laminate door lockers to meet the needs of junior schools.

Locking options; if you don’t want keyed locks we can provide lockers with swivel hasp locks that can be used as a handle. They also represent extreme value for money and will look great long after other lockers have needed replacing.

High school lockers

There are not many environments that are more challenging to lockers than high schools, and this is why Total Locker Service has three levels of robustness dependent on the needs of the school, we at Total Locker Service are more than happy to advise as to the most appropriate lockers for your particular school.

Plastic outdoor lockers

For when space is at a premium in schools and the corridors will not fit lockers our eXtreme plastic lockers are a good solution as they are very robust strong and will not rust. This eXtreme plastic locker is perfect for using outside against a wall or back to back.

Locker parts

We at Total Locker Service support our lockers with parts for the economical life of the locker, we hold in stock replacement locks for all our lockers. Replacement doors are made to order and we can make replacement doors for most locker types even ones we do not sell

Need to convert your locks to an alternative type then we can offer you an enormous range often conversion kits and advise as to the possibility.

Need advice regarding any locker issue then call 01284 749211 we will be happy to help

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School metal lockers, Office lockers and storage locker

Heated LockersHeated Lockers

from £310 Plus V.A.T.

Budget Metal LockersBudget Metal Lockers

from £104 Plus V.A.T.

Hero Flat Top LockersHero Flat Top Lockers

from £79.3 Plus V.A.T.

Link51 Storage SolutionsLink51 Storage Solutions

from £89 Plus V.A.T.

Primary School LockersPrimary School Lockers

from £72 Plus V.A.T.

Phoenix LockersPhoenix Lockers

from £84 Plus V.A.T.

Probe 1 - 6 Door LockersProbe 1 - 6 Door Lockers

from £83 Plus V.A.T.


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