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Buy Key Cabinets – Mechanical, Electronic Lockable & Vaults

Key cabinets 5 day delivery and free delivery to UK mainland, wide selection of locking options and sizes.

A tight security strategy begins with effective key management.

We are proud to offer a wide selection of lockable key cabinets from Securikey, the leading brand in secure key storage.

Whether you're looking for a budget design or an extra strength system with a thick steel door, you'll find your perfect solution here.

Keystor is the 5-day delivery value key storage solution

These designs add extra security and organisation to both domestic and commercial environments and are used globally by a number of prestigious organisations.

UK banks, police stations and motor dealers all require high security storage and many choose to depend on a Keystor system for effective protection.

Take a look below to find a storage solution to suit your requirements.

Key cabinets

Effective key management and secure Key Cabinet storage is an essential part of any organisation's security strategy.

Our range of key cabinets and control systems, the most comprehensive available, is manufactured and tested to the highest standards, making them ideal for safeguarding against lost or stolen keys even within high security commercial applications.

High Security Key Safes

Whether you need a simple High Security Key Safes, a mechanised key control system or a sophisticated key issue and tracking system, our range of high quality key safes help to maintain total accountability of large quantities of keys and help prevent unauthorised access within domestic, commercial and light industrial environments.

With a body constructed from 3mm steel, as used in the manufacture of cash safes and a 6mm steel slab door, the key safes provide unparalleled protection and are used extensively throughout the UK?s prestige motor dealers, police stations and banks.

As standard the key safes are secured with a three-way locking mechanism, shooting 20mm bolts and using a VdS approved lock, although you have the option of fitting a combination or electronic locking system. They also include adjustable hook bars and clever key tags as with the system cabinets and key vaults.

The key safes are also available in a deeper model for the storage of bunches of keys.

Floor Standing key safes are larger capacity key cabinets and their key panels are on telescopic slides for easy access and storage.

Standard System Cabinets

Constructed from 1.5 mm pressed and folded steel and secured with a choice of five locking options, the Standard System Cabinets provide the space to store and track up to 600 keys and include adjustable hook bars to accommodate different key lengths.

Each model is finished in a robust powder coat paint finish (RAL 7035) and has a removable control index for out-of-hours peace of mind, colour-coded hook bars and tags to ensure quick identification, both of which are numbered.

For larger requirements, our range of deep System Cabinets provide the extra space required to accommodate bunches or a mixture of bunches and individual keys and are available with 35, 48, 100, 150 or 200 hanging hooks.

These System Cabinets are best suited to domestic and commercial use for key control and tracking.

Key Vaults

Designed to meet the requirements of insurance companies in the control, tracking and security of keys associated with risk to valuables or property, our range of Key Vaults offer twice as much security and strength provided by standard key cabinets.

Constructed from 2.5mm fabricated steel with a flush closing door which includes removable hinge pins for easy upgrading, they are ideal for commercial use.

These key vaults are supplied as standard with a half euro profile cylinder that can be upgraded to integrate with an existing master key or security system.

As with the System cabinets, the Key Vault has adjustable hook bars, removable control index and available in a deeper model for the storage of bunches of keys.

Key cabinets

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Secure key storage cabinets

Traka21 Key CabinetTraka21 Key Cabinet

from £1275.00 Plus V.A.T.

KC0020 Series - Key BoxesKC0020 Series - Key Boxes

from £21 Plus V.A.T.

KS Series - Key StoreKS Series - Key Store

from £30 Plus V.A.T.

KC0600 Series - Key CabinetsKC0600 Series - Key Cabinets

from £56 Plus V.A.T.

KC0300 Series - Deep Key CabinetsKC0300 Series - Deep Key Cabinets

from £158 Plus V.A.T.

KC0500 Series - Padlock CabinetsKC0500 Series - Padlock Cabinets

from £162 Plus V.A.T.

Key Safe Key Storage BoxesKey Safe Key Storage Boxes

from £33 Plus V.A.T.

Bluetooth Access Key Lock BoxBluetooth Access Key Lock Box

from £178 Plus V.A.T.

Keystor Value Key CabinetsKeystor Value Key Cabinets

from £29 Plus V.A.T.

System Key CabinetsSystem Key Cabinets

from £45 Plus V.A.T.

Viewable key cabinetViewable key cabinet

from £141 Plus V.A.T.

Mobile Key cabinetMobile Key cabinet

from £52 Plus V.A.T.

Padlock Security CabinetPadlock Security Cabinet

from £125 Plus V.A.T.

High Security Key FilingHigh Security Key Filing

from £526 Plus V.A.T.

Key Vault - Security Key CabinetsKey Vault - Security Key Cabinets

from £104 Plus V.A.T.


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