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Z Lockers Large Lockers lockers That Have A Big Volume

Z Locker are big lockers lockers that have a big volume

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Z shaped lockers are designed to be used when maximum hanging space is needed for garments as Z shaped lockers provide the maximum storage space of any locker they also provide storage for shoes and other personal effects.

Z shaped lockers are noted for their clean lines and good looks the locker door colour range can be selected from our Formica or Arpa compact grade laminate range.

Z lockers with Formica or Arpa laminate doors in both wet and dry specifications.

Z Lockers are ideal for situations where hanging garments is a must as the lockers provide full length hanging space along with storage space for shoes.

Z Locking options cam lock with 2 keys, swivel hasp locks to take a padlock or coin locks wet or dry, need more locking options then call 01284 749211.

What are Z-shaped lockers?

Z-shaped lockers are storage compartments that are designed in a "Z" configuration to optimize space. Unlike traditional vertical lockers, Z-shaped lockers have an upper and lower compartment in each unit, separated by a diagonal divider. This design allows for more efficient use of space, especially in environments where floor area is limited.

How do Z-shaped lockers differ from traditional lockers?

Traditional lockers are usually rectangular and vertical, taking up more floor space. Z-shaped lockers, on the other hand, have a unique design with a diagonal divider that allows for two separate compartments in a single unit. This enables users to store items in a more organized manner while saving on floor space.

What materials are Z-shaped lockers made of?

Z-shaped lockers are commonly made from materials such as steel, laminate, wood, or high-density polyethylene. The choice of material often depends on the environment in which the lockers will be used.

Are Z-shaped lockers secure?

Like traditional lockers, the security of a Z-shaped locker largely depends on the quality of the lock mechanism and the material used for construction. High-quality metal lockers with secure locking mechanisms can offer a good level of security.

What are the typical dimensions of a Z-shaped locker?

The dimensions of Z-shaped lockers can vary based on the manufacturer and specific use-case. However, a common size might be approximately 183 cm high, 30-46 cm wide, and 30-46 cm deep for each unit.

Can Z-shaped lockers be customized?

Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options, including different colors, finishes, lock types, and additional features like hooks or shelves.


Z shaped locker specifications

Specification sheet  Laminate Options

Z Shaped laminate door lockers

Itemcode: HDZ2BB1LCFNSCam

HD Z Locker With Cam Lock



Price: £459 Plus V.A.T.
£550.80 V.A.T. Inc


   Z shaped locker    Locker with z doors

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