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Available in: yellow, black, red, blue, green, orange, white or grey.
Wrist straps are supplied complete with a rivet for securing the locker key.

Straps are compatible with most locker lock keys including ASSA, L&F, Ojmar.

We can number the straps and despatch them next day.

Lockers Next Day Dispatch

These sturdy lockers come with one, two, three, four or six compartments.
A single-door locker is ideal for holding more items, while a multi-compartment locker means up to six people can store their valuables securely.
Crafted from strong steel, you can rest assured that your goods will be safe inside.
Choose between two smart looking colour options for the door, light grey and blue.


Refurbished Assa Locks

Available for use with the majority of coins and tokens.

The lock can be provided with a coin return tray or a coin collecting box.

The Coin Lock can be ordered for right-or left handed lockers.

A range of cylinders are available, covering different demands of material thickness and security levels.

The lock can be made both dry and wet specification for use in different environments.

Refurbished Ojmar Locks

The range comprises both a dry and wet specification lock, the wet specification lock has a securikey option.
All locks have removable cylinder, Single coin locks are available as adjustable and can take coins from 20p to £2, multi coin locks are also available.
Coin collection boxes are available for when you wish to retain the coins put into the locks.

Workplace Mirrors

Convex mirrors have a vital role in managing safety, security and vehicle visibility. Finding the correct mirror that meets the needs of your organisation can be a challenge. Convex mirrors are a great addition to ensuring a safe work environment, and are ideal for commercial and retail locations.

Locker two door

Medical Security Cabinets

If you are looking for a more secure medical cabinet we have a range of products to meet your needs.

Our range of 3 medical cabinets cover a range of security needs from a basic medical cabinet with internal locked storage unit to secure drug storage cabinets.

Our range of Medical Cabinets are designed using our extensive knowledge of the protection and control of valuable property, be it cash, jewellery, firearms or documents. This experience means that we are able to provide you with a medical cabinet that will suit all needs.

The ‘Bronze Level’ Medical Cabinet is suitable for storing general First Aid items whilst the ‘Silver & Gold’ medicine cabinets are perfect for controlled drugs that are governed by the Home Office Drugs Inspectorate direction of control.
Gold and Silver cabinets conform to the construction required for the misuse of drugs (safe custody) regulation 1973


Key Cabinets

A tight security strategy begins with effective key management. We are proud to offer a wide selection of lockable key cabinets from Keystor, the leading brand in secure key storage. Whether you’re looking for a budget design or an extra strength system with a thick steel door, you’ll find your perfect solution here.

These designs add extra security and organisation to both domestic and commercial environments, and are used globally by a number of prestigious organisations. UK banks, police stations and motor dealers all require high security storage, and many choose to depend on a Keystor system for effective protection.

Locker 4 door

RFID Key Cabinets

A complete electronic stand-alone key management system, combining innovative RFID technology and sturdy design to provide small and medium sizes companies with the advanced management of 21 keys or keysets in an affordable plug and play unit.

Cost –effective, efficient and simple, Traka21 helps trace and account for every key or keyset, which are individually locked in place, ensuring that critical business operations are never compromised.
Vedette 5 door

Steel Stor Safe

Steel Stor range of cabinets provides secure storage for larger items such as bags of change, cartons of cigarettes, power tools and mobile phones.

The ideal steel storage cabinet for all your large quantities of small items of large and bulky items. Steel Store is a value yet robust secure storage solution.

They also conform to the construction required for the misuse of drugs (safe custody) regulation 1973

Subjected to a severe FG burglary test, the 4mm steel body, a 3-way locking bolt and a VdS approved class 1 safe lock are supplemented by a continuous dog bar over the hinged side of the door and hardened plates to protect all other areas prone to attack.

Available in six sizes with alternative locking options, the cabinet is supplied with prepared base fixing points, shelves and door boxes.

Steel Stor has a £3,000 cash rating and a £30,000 valuables rating.
Vedette 6 door

Atlas Cupboards

Our Atlas fast delivery cupboards are available in stock for immediate dispatch, available in three sizes low, standard and wide carcase and door colour light grey.

Manufactured from mild steel and powder coated for a tough durable finish.

The product as standard is dispatched fully assembled though we can dispatch flat pack with easy to assemble instructions.
Comes with 3 point espagnolette lock and 2 keys. 
mini minder


As locker specialists, each design has been tested to meet the rigours of the modern workplace. Take a look at our office lockers to find your perfect design.

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