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Pure Lockers Solutions are Covid Safe

High quality components, construction and finish.

Pure are a refreshing new entrant into the European market. From it’s new 64,000 square foot UK manufacturing on Deeside, Locit have invested in the latest manufacturing and painting processes to bring a new design onto the market.

The Pure is the result of years of experience in the design and installation which has resulted in a unique set of features.

Our environmental credentials are industry leading and result in a carbon zero manufactured, unique in our industry, and we have gone further than any other manufacturer to reduce our carbon footprint - and we haven’t finished yet!

1 to 6 door  Pure door colours   Pure brouchure

Pure lockers Staff Lockers

Pure lockers provide a range of designs fit for any workplace. Our Staff lockers can be provided in different heights and configurations and are perfect for use as Office lockers to fit small spaces or provide different options for specific purposes such as charging for tools or heating wet clothes as staff change Workplace lockers.

School Pure Lockers

Pure lockers prevent pupils causing hazards with sloping tops available on all our School lockers. School and Office lockers come with keyed cam locks as standard but the option to have them as padlock lockers instead of key lockers comes at no extra charge, with heights available that will suit Primary and secondary schools, charging options for tools and laptop/tablet lockers, these are School lockers that will lend a hand to any education.

The Pure boasts a series of features that will enhance the appearance of installation and make them safer and more secure in use. The frame and top cover are designed to interlink to provide enhanced security along with a structural plinth between compartments and unique shelf fixing method that further enhance security. Aesthetics haven’t been forgotten either as the unique offset rivet and pocket design virtually eliminates gaps plus no redundant holes in the sides which make it more suitable for front of office environments.

In-door vents allow air to circulate within compartments and add a stylish touch.

Finally, an extensive range of locking options, whether it’s a simple key mechanism or a sophisticated swipe card lock mean that all types of operating systems can be accommodated.

Pure storage is only available through a network of experienced partners, chosen because they have the knowledge and experience to deliver a project from design concept through to practical completion on site.

Pure are a leading UK manufactured brand, they produce an extensive range for a wide variety of uses.

Manufacturing standard personnel storage along with personal effects, laundry management solutions, industrial, laptop, tablet, and leisure making just a small selection of the total range.


All Pure products are finished with anti-covid and anti-bacterial coatings. At the heart of our own anti-bacterial coating is Powdura® ECO powder coating from Sherwin-Williams. This transformative product collection elevates COVID safe powder coating to new heights – providing customers a more eco-conscious anti-bacterial solution to product protection, colour and performance. Which is ideal for both Schools and Hospitals.

Fire rated

Pure powder-coated steel have achieved the rare distinction of being the only range in the UK, if not Europe, to be tested and approved in line with the European Standard - EN 13501-1: 2007 +A1: 2009 relating to fire performance.

Classified as ‘non-combustible’ they will not increase or sustain any fire within their proximity.

Compliant with the requirements set out in Building Bulletin 100: Design for fire safety in schools.

FIREZERO are the best and most appropriate choice for use in cloakrooms, corridors and circulation areas.

Pure fire rated lockers

Carbon Zero

We take our social and environment obligations very seriously. By sourcing raw materials and energy responsibly and investing heavily in the latest production techniques we can minimise our carbon footprint and are proud to be able to offer the first carbon neutral manufactured steel locker in the World!

Product lead time

Most Pure products are on a 3-working week lead time.

Product features

Each Pure Locker features as standard an integral air vent system*, a micro sprung disc lock, 5 knuckle hinges, welded front frame & internal door strengtheners.

Available with many lock options; keyed cam or swivel hasp locks are the standard or for a premium: coin operated, mechanical combination locks, electrical combination locks and card access locks; there is also an option to have numbered wrist straps in a variety of colours for coin operated locks.

With exciting colours to choose from you are sure to finding a stylish solution to meet your storage needs.

These are a robust, secure and vandal resistant range available in a wide range of colours

If you need fire rated as part of the specification or they are in an area where it would be an advantage for the metal locker to have a fire rating then here is the solution.

Take advantage of this ground breaking product development and make sure that your customers are aware that Pure are the best choice for use in educational buildings and public areas.

Pure range of products

Pure One DoorPure One Door

from £74 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Two DoorPure Two Door

from £96 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Three DoorPure Three Door

from £104 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Four DoorPure Four Door

from £111 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Five DoorPure Five Door

from £119 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Six DoorPure Six Door

from £137 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Accessibility locker Pure Accessibility locker

from £106 Plus V.A.T.

Folding Bike LockersFolding Bike Lockers

from £159.62 Plus V.A.T.

Bowling Club LockerBowling Club Locker

from £145 Plus V.A.T.

Bowling Club LockerBowling Club Locker

from £154.5 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Cube LockerPure Cube Locker

from £43 Plus V.A.T.

Outdoor LockersOutdoor Lockers

from £86.93 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Shield SGL LockersPure Shield SGL Lockers

from £152.71 Plus V.A.T.

Garment Lockers Garment Lockers

from £203.99 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Golf LockersPure Golf Lockers

from £142.81 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Low Height lockersPure Low Height lockers

from £67 Plus V.A.T.

Super Space LockersSuper Space Lockers

from £208 Plus V.A.T.

Pure 10 Door Laptop LockerPure 10 Door Laptop Locker

from £470 Plus V.A.T.

Pure 15 Door Laptop LockerPure 15 Door Laptop Locker

from £510 Plus V.A.T.

Pure 8 Door Laptop LockerPure 8 Door Laptop Locker

from £321 Plus V.A.T.

Pure 16 Door Laptop TrolleyPure 16 Door Laptop Trolley

from £693 Plus V.A.T.

Pure 2 Door Laptop TrolleyPure 2 Door Laptop Trolley

from £611 Plus V.A.T.

AquaStore Leisure LockerAquaStore Leisure Locker

from £397.5 Plus V.A.T.

Mini Minder LockerMini Minder Locker

from £110 Plus V.A.T.

Phone Minder LockersPhone Minder Lockers

from £277 Plus V.A.T.

Postal LockersPostal Lockers

from £228.99 Plus V.A.T.

Anti stock theft  Full Clear DoorAnti stock theft Full Clear Door

from £188.9 Plus V.A.T.

Coin operated lockersCoin operated lockers

from £92 Plus V.A.T.


from £96 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Locker StandsPure Locker Stands

from £28.95 Plus V.A.T.

Pure VisionPure Vision

from £152.3 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Z LockersPure Z Lockers

from £186 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Quarto LockerPure Quarto Locker

from £43 Plus V.A.T.

Pure Power Recharge 4 Door LockerPure Power Recharge 4 Door Locker

from £236 Plus V.A.T.

Pure LocksPure Locks

from £6.5 Plus V.A.T.

Pure LocksPure Locks

from £6.5 Plus V.A.T.

Low Height SGL Pure Shield LockersLow Height SGL Pure Shield Lockers

from £142.81 Plus V.A.T.

Personnel LockersPersonnel Lockers

from £193 Plus V.A.T.

Small lockersSmall lockers

from £237 Plus V.A.T.

Single Bench SeatSingle Bench Seat

from £145.316 Plus V.A.T.

Pure 10 Door Tablet LockerPure 10 Door Tablet Locker

from £393 Plus V.A.T.

Pure 15 Door Tablet LockerPure 15 Door Tablet Locker

from £485 Plus V.A.T.

Pure 8 Door Tablet LockerPure 8 Door Tablet Locker

from £356 Plus V.A.T.

Pure 16 Door Tablet TrolleyPure 16 Door Tablet Trolley

from £767 Plus V.A.T.

Pure 2 Door Tablet TrolleyPure 2 Door Tablet Trolley

from £684 Plus V.A.T.


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