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School lockers that are available for your school that are brilliant.

Primary School Lockers.

These types of lockers are perfect for your primary school needs, with the dimensions available in 1200mm high x 300mm wide x 300mm 450mm deep, which is available in two or three compartment configurations. Perfect for key stage 1 as they are for items being stored at a safe height Or 1600mm high x 300mm wide x 380mm or 450mm deep. these are Available in two or three compartment configurations, which are perfect for key stage 2 primary as they are or items being stored at a safe height.  These lockers come with key cam locks with two keys available.

School lockers low hight with option of one or 2 doors

School lockers

These lockers are perfect for school with a door frame constructed from heavy gauge mild steel of press formed channel section and a door strength that includes full-length door stiffeners for extra door rigidity and ‘five knuckle’ semi-concealed hinges. The style is attractive and functional locker design with an automated paint plant ensures a consistent high-quality finish in a wide range of modern.  Pure lockers come in a range of different types of compartments brilliant to suit your school needs.

School lockers full hight

Fast delivery School lockers

If you’re running short of time these quick next day dispatch lockers are perfect for your needs. These next day dispatch lockers are brilliant if you don’t want to compromise on quality but are short on time. These sturdy lockers come with one, two, three, four and six compartments and depending on your requirements you can get a single door locker which is ideal for holding more items.

Multi-compartment School lockers

While the multi-compartment locker means you can have up to six people holding multiple items securely.  These lockers are crafted from a strong steel,  so you can be certain your valuables are secure inside with two smart colour looking options grey and light blue, perfect for a simplistic but smart look. These units are also available with sloping tops which a brilliant for making them tidy and prevent a clutter.  Why not choose a stand that will elevate your lockers so that the floor underneath is always presentable and easily accessible to be cleaned.  These lockers are also available with single and two door lockers that come with a handy removable hanging rail. These lockers continue to be a hassle mess as this makes them perfect for storing coats and jackets safely with keeping clutter away from the staff room.

Durability for Daily School Use

Pure lockers are engineered to withstand the demanding environment of school hallways. Built with reinforced steel frames, they excel in durability, ensuring longevity despite heavy daily usage.

Ample Storage Space

Designed with multiple compartments, Pure lockers provide abundant storage options for students. From textbooks to gym equipment, these lockers accommodate various belongings, promoting organization and efficiency within the school setting.

Secure Locking Mechanisms

Ensuring the safety of students’ possessions is paramount. Pure lockers come equipped with reliable locking mechanisms, including traditional padlocks or electronic keypads, offering peace of mind to students and school administrators alike.

User-Friendly Design

Smooth hinges and handles make accessing belongings effortless for students. Pure lockers prioritize user convenience, minimizing strain and facilitating seamless usage throughout the school day.

Customizable Options

Flexibility is key in catering to diverse school environments. Pure lockers offer customization options, from size variations to color choices, allowing schools to tailor their locker solutions to fit specific needs and aesthetics.

Commitment to Sustainability

In alignment with eco-conscious practices, Pure lockers are crafted from recyclable materials. This commitment to sustainability resonates with schools aiming to promote environmental awareness among students while maintaining high-quality locker solutions.

Rigorous Quality Control

Each Pure locker undergoes meticulous testing to ensure compliance with industry standards. This rigorous quality control process guarantees reliability and performance, reinforcing Pure’s reputation as a trusted provider of school storage solutions.

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

Pure stands behind its products with comprehensive warranty coverage, offering schools peace of mind against unexpected damages or defects. This warranty underscores Pure’s confidence in the durability and reliability of their lockers, further solidifying their position as an industry leader.

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