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Cam Locks: Exploring Options from ASSA and Lowe & Fletcher

Cam locks, when it comes to securing valuables, whether in schools, gyms, or workplaces, the choice of lock can make all the difference. Locker cam locks, known for their durability and security, are among the preferred choices. Two leading manufacturers in this field, ASSA and Lowe & Fletcher, offer an array of solutions designed to meet various security needs. This post delves into their range of cam locks, highlighting the features and benefits of each model.

Introduction to Cam Locks

Cam locks are a popular type of lock mechanism characterized by a rotating bar (cam) that moves into position as the key rotates. These locks are a staple in the world of security due to their straightforward mechanism and reliable nature.

ASSA’s Cam Lock Range

ASSA wet specification cam lock

Compact Design

ASSA’s cam locks stand out with their compact and efficient design. Perfect for a variety of applications, these locks provide robust security without the bulk that comes with larger lock mechanisms. Users appreciate the sleek appearance that integrates smoothly with any locker style.

Security Features

A key feature of ASSA locks is their enhanced security. Equipped with patented key systems, these locks prevent unauthorized key duplication, thus bolstering the security of any storage facility. Additionally, their pick-resistant features ensure that the contents of the locker remain safe from tampering.

Material Durability

ASSA uses high-grade materials to construct their locks, ensuring long-lasting performance. The use of corrosion-resistant metals makes these locks suitable for environments such as swimming pools and other areas with high humidity.

Lowe & Fletcher’s Cam Lock Range

Versatile Options

Lowe & Fletcher’s range impresses with its versatility. Offering a variety of cam lengths and lock types, including keyed and keyless options, this brand caters to diverse preferences and needs. Their product line facilitates customization to fit specific locker dimensions and user requirements.

Innovative Keying Systems

Lowe & Fletcher locks feature innovative keying systems. Options such as master keying, where a single key opens multiple locks, and keyed alike systems, where multiple locks operate with the same key, are available. These features streamline access management in large installations.

Focus on User Convenience

Emphasizing user convenience, Lowe & Fletcher also offer locks with features like key retention, where the key cannot be removed until the lock is secured. This feature prevents the key from being lost and ensures that the locker is always locked when closed.

Comparing ASSA and Lowe & Fletcher

While both brands provide high-quality locks, their offerings cater to slightly different needs. ASSA’s focus is on high-security features and durable materials, making their locks ideal for areas requiring enhanced security measures. On the other hand, Lowe & Fletcher offer more customizable options, catering to a wider range of applications due to their flexible keying systems and variety of lock types.

The Right Choice for Your Needs

Choosing the right cam lock depends on specific needs and the environment in which the lock will be used. For high-security needs, ASSA’s locks are the go-to choice. However, for versatility and customization, Lowe & Fletcher’s offerings provide excellent options.


Locker cam locks from ASSA and Lowe & Fletcher represent the pinnacle of security and convenience in the realm of locker security. With their diverse ranges, these manufacturers cater to a broad spectrum of security needs and preferences, making them leaders in the lock industry. Whether you are outfitting a small gym or securing a large educational institution, selecting the right cam lock can significantly enhance the safety and functionality of your storage solutions.

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