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Cam Locks: Exploring Options from ASSA and Lowe & Fletcher

Cam locks, when it comes to securing valuables, whether in schools, gyms, or workplaces, the choice of lock can make all the difference. Locker cam locks, known for their durability and security, are among the preferred choices. Two leading manufacturers in this field, ASSA and Lowe & Fletcher, offer an array of solutions designed to meet various security needs. This post delves into their range of cam locks, highlighting the features and benefits of each model.

Before buying lockers, consider future locker parts availability

Before buying lockers, consider future locker parts availability When you make a major capital purchase you need to know that you will be able to purchase parts for your lockers for 10 years. If you are about to spend ┬ú30,000 Read more…

Electronic locker lock conversion with Ojmar OCS combination locks

Electronic Locker lock conversion Kingsdale School approached our service manager Nigel Brown with a problem concerning a networked electronic lockers system they had installed about 10 years ago, they were finding it increasingly difficult to secure parts and service for Read more…