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Laminate door lockers

This locker is both stylish and elegant in appearance as well as being tough and durable, this product was originally designed as a solution to lockers being vandalised in schools. The standard metal door locker is both adequate and fit for purpose in a caring environment and will provide trouble-free service. The problem is when the environment is not caring; this locker will only stand so much abuse and is susceptible to a strong kick to the door of the lower compartment, having the effect of pushing the door right into the compartment itself. This vandalism results in administration and cost to the school and the locker or the locker door will need to be replaced.

Laminate door lockers

Buy Laminate Door Lockers

Compact grade laminate lockers were designed as a solution to this problem and are now available in two forms, lockers with a plant on or inset doors. The first product to market was the plant on door locker, with the door fitting across the front of the lockers. A swift kick to the door resulted in a sore foot and a desire not to attempt the kick again. The door material is available in a wide range of colours from wood grain, speckled, solid colours and special finishes, the standard door thickness is 10mm and as durable as a kitchen worktop. Three of the most common manufacturers are Formica, Arpa and Polyrey. The plant on laminate door locker when viewed from the front presents a solid wall of laminate where none of the locker frame is visible; this has the effect of turning a utility product into a very aesthetically pleasing product.

Product lifespan of a standard metal locker in some schools can be as short as 3 years a standard laminate door locker will provide a 15-year lifespan, should the need arise Total Locker Service can provide a full range of replacement locker parts and service.

The laminate door locker designed has also been designed to include an inset laminate door although not as aesthetically pleasing the security and durability of the product has been enhanced. The locker door like the plant on door, sits on the frame of the locker, this has been inset to allow a tight fit of the door within the frame, the standard locks have been redesigned to take a patented version where the cam lock is replaced with a special hooked “T” shaped cam that engages on both sides of the “T” with the hook of the cam securely latched into the frame making forced entry very difficult indeed. Also, the locker cross members dividing the compartment are fully secured into the locker frame making entry to a locked compartment from the adjacent compartment very difficult.
Two laminate door lockers both designed to provide both security, looks and a long life why look anywhere else.

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