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Postal lockers free your staff.

The postal locker offers a secure and efficient way of dealing with a variety of processes in many different organisations. The locker is an ideal and convenient way of sorting and storing mail, documents or items securely and effectively for individuals or groups of people in offices, shops, flats and student accommodation. The items are sorted into secure compartments each locked with an individual key or hasp lock for a padlock. For ease and speed of sorting or clearing the locker, a full-height control locker door gives access to all the compartments at the same time – this creates an adaptable and efficient storage management system which also maximise space in your post room.

Mail is accepted into the compartment via a slot in each compartment door. The slots are normally 25mm wide, but this can be changed to suit the requirement for document size and security. The postal locker is available in a wide variety of compartment sizes, starting with a 5 compartment size for a large or great number of items, ranging through 8, 10, 15 and 20 compartments in each locker. The locker is also designed with either a flat top or sloping top, while locker stands and seat stands with ash slats give it excellent adaptability for different types of business.

The postal locker offers privacy and security for posted and stored items. Compartments are locked by a mastered series cam lock, supplied with 2 keys, for which a master key is available, and other locking options are available. The locker control door has a separate key for management access. The strength of the postal locker gives added security; the locker door and the carcass is made of 0.9mm thick steel, while the door frame is hinged by means of a full length hinge rod 8 mm in diameter.
To sum up, the postal locker facilitates the convenient, secure distribution of mail, maximising efficiency and space in your post room.

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