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Lords locker lock and door conversion

Lockers at Lords

As part of the ongoing work to ensure that Lord’s remains world-class, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) – owners of the world-famous cricket ground – have invested in new storage equipment and keyless locking facilities in the MCC Cricket Academy, event catering and hospitality spaces.

Loards cricket ground

John Dawson, Estates Project Manager at Lord’s said “
Having worked with Total Locker Service for many years, their work ethic and knowledge of the industry is excellent. Nothing is too much trouble and MCC looks forward to working with the team on future projects.”

We at Total Locker Service like to work with our customers to ensure that they achieve the best solution. For the MCC Cricket Academy, we offered 6 different combination locks and talked the MCC through the benefits and weaknesses of each lock before they decided on using Digilock. Digilock provided both the functionality and the look that they needed in such a high profile venue: keyless access for shared use lockers. Users access their belongings with a self-selected 4 digit code while 
management access is provided with a unique electronic bypass key.
We also offered a cost-effective solution by supplying new doors for the original lockers. This met budget constraints as well as the ‘green’ aspirations of the Club and provided an appealing impression in the changing room. 

We carried out the installation in a couple of days; mounting the 100 new laminate doors onto the lockers, and fixing the Digilocks into position, together with number discs and instruction panels. Once the installation was complete, the locks were programmed and MCC’s staff were trained to deal with any questions and problems for the new users. We also prepared to support

MCC with any queries. Our engineers are on hand to carry out locker and lock maintenance at regular intervals.

MCC also requested a bespoke storage solution for their hospitality staff – the previous system of managing keys and padlocks for the hundreds of catering staff was problematic. Our solution was to optimise the space for lockers efficiently for maximum compartment numbers plus sloping tops to keep the place tidy, in addition to providing a keyless lock. We offered a number of keyless options, and chose the L&F 4 digit reprogrammable combination lock with master key override. This allows visiting staff to easily program
me their pin number, and management to quickly reset any locked lockers ready for the next event. The catering management team were very pleased with the result.
Following the refurbishment of the executive hospitality suites, MCC also wanted to increase the security of the cabinets within the boxes. We proposed a number of electronic combination locks and this time chose the Ojmar OCS battery operated electronic keypad lock for two reasons. The first was the white colour and sleek style which matched the white furniture and modern impression of the suites. The second was the functionality of the lock: which provides a 4 digit combination pin code for the user and a 6 digit combination pin code for emergency override by management.

Our team planned the installation and tested the lock for functional correctness. We completed the installation in one day. This has been so popular with the users of executive boxes that now, all executive patrons request a similar provision.

Total Locker Service works with customers to provide cost effective solutions for new changing rooms and provides service and spare parts to assist customers get the best out of their equipment.

To find out more ring us on 01283 749211 or 01284 718771

More about Digilock:

Digilock shared use locks are designed for lockers that are shared by multiple users throughout the day. Users lock and unlock any available locker with a self- selected code while management has access to a manager bypass key.

When unlocked, the lock will stay unlocked until locked by another user. For other product features ring Total Locker Service 01284 749211, or see DigiLock info.

Digi lock

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