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Lockers for storing and charging tablet computers

Lockers for charging and storage of tablet computers

Total Locker Service leads the market with its range of safe storage and charging of tablet computers. These new lockers address the needs of organisations where large numbers of locker compartments can be provided in small groups to suit different locations.

This new locker for the Samsung Galaxy Note2 Tablet and other tablets provides adaptable, secure storage and charging for a cost effective price, making this an attainable product for many more work places. The locker is 1775mm tall with a choice of 4, 6 and 8 compartments, locked with a secure cam lock with 2 keys.  Many other lock options are available for example a hasp lock, suitable for padlocks, a re-programmable 4 digit combination lock, a coin operated lock and an electronic digital combination lock, among others.

The lockers are made so that each compartment can store a tablet or small laptop computer.  Each compartment size is 300mm wide x 300mm deep, while other locker width and depths are available as well as a shelf option within the larger compartments. Each locker is also provided with sufficient door ventilation holes for each compartment to prevent overheating. In addition, a wide range of locker colours is available to complement the office environment.

Every locker compartment has its own standard 3 pin socket for charging the device, while every locker is also provided with a standard UK 3 pin plug to access the mains electricity supply. Lockers can also be supplied with a fuse connection for direct connection into the wall supply.

Prices of these lockers include the delivery to all UK mainland destinations, and an installation service is available to assist our customers with the fitting of their Tablet charging lockers easily and conveniently in their chosen locations.

In addition to the Tablet locker, Total Locker Service has a wide range of laptop lockers with 8, 10, 12 and 15 compartments with charging facilities, as well as the laptop trolley and the narrow aisle trolley built for restricted access, particularly in classroom locations.

Lockers for storage and charging tablet computers.

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