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Locker room bench seating for changing rooms

Locker room bench seating select seating for changing rooms

When choosing changing room bench seating it is very important to select the correct seating for the environment the seating is being located. If you select the correct locker room bench seating it will provide years of good service, select the wrong seating and it will at best be overpriced and at worst fail to perform extremely quickly. The main item to consider when choosing bench seating is whether the changing room is wet, filled with stream if the water contains chlorine it will make the environment more aggressive.

If you want to prevent rust then the only seating that will provide trouble free use in an aggressive environment including outdoors and industrial environments is plastic bench seating. Plastic bench seating is robust easy to clean and hard wearing. it is usually available in a small number of bright colours with the option of cream. Seating length is usually available in lengths from 1m to 2m though it is common for custom lengths to be available.

plastic bench seat

Single island bench seat usually available in a range of depths from 350mm to 800mm, seating for adults is usually 450mm with children’s seating 350mm high.

Plastic single sided bench seat with hook board

Single sided bench seat with integrated hook board

plastic bench seating

Double sided bench seat with integrated hook board

plastic hook board

Plastic hook boards usually available in lengths from 1m to 2mm long, ideal for use with island plastic seating

Once you move away from plastic bench seating rust will always be an issue, stainless steel seating will be the best option though this is very expensive and is not completely rust free.

Most steel seating that is sold as wet specification will rely on plating the best being zinc plating. The plating to make it effective should be done after the seating has been welded. This method relies on the seating then being painted the best being Plascoat a non-brittle form of epoxy powder coating. Plascote reduces chipping and cracking of the painted surface.

Seating slats the best product for wet areas are compact grade laminate such as Formica or Arpa this material will not rot or degrade easily by chlorine or water and is very hard wearing.

Ash slats are effective as long as water is not directly being sprayed directly on the slats, this seating material is as good as the varnish applied.


Bench seat

Single sided bench seating

bench seating

Double sided bench seating

hook board

Hook board for use with island seating

bench seating

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