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ZENBOX Leisure lockers for wet chlorine environments

Total Locker Service sells and services all the leading makes of locker for leisure, schools, commerce in fact anywhere you need changing room equipment. This means we know the strengths and weaknesses for all of the makes and models of lockers and enables us to recommend the best locker solution for your needs.

We are not tied to any one manufacturer and our expertise and impartial advice means you get the best product at the best price!

ZENBOX Leisure Lockers 

ZENBOX lockers are the versatile solution for busy leisure changing rooms – Wet or Dry

Ojmar OCS electronic combination locks hard wearing and durable the lock is rated IP55 for wet area use.

Locks can be used standalone with a 4, 5 or 6 digit user code and a 6 digit master code.

This lock can be used in conjunction with optional software and remote control the remote control provides

the additional benefits of easy programming the locks or alternatively used as a master key preventing a security

risk by issuing the master code to staff. The remote control can also be used to download the Audit Trail and Events at the Lock
level with date time as well as the last used code.

Ojmar coin locks are versatile and hard wearing the best coin lock on the market, the locks are available with coin settings of

£2, £1, 50p, 20p, €1 and custom token setting. Locks can be used in conjunction with a coin collection box for when you want

to retain the coin deposited into the lock.

Hasp locks are a trouble-free system where the customers use their own padlocks or the facility provides padlocks at a fee.

This system has virtually no moving parts that wear and the life is long and problem free.

RFID card wrist strap operated locks for when you need more control over who uses the lockers and when they are to be used.

The locks are available as a basic lock that is locked or opened by a wrist strap or an advanced version that can be used in conjunction with

powerful software that will control who uses the lockers when they are available to be used and for a specified duration.

KL1000 electronic combination locks a good quality lightweight combination lock with good functionality at a reasonable price.

Wire mesh lockers

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