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In need of secure laptop storage lockers

Where’s my laptop?

Somewhere safe to store laptops or electronics equipment is essential, whether in the office, at college, in the factory, a shop or at school. Here we describe a variety of different options from cost-effective storage to products offering higher security. Charging options are available for both ranges.

Cost effective Probe laptop storage

Laptop locker

Many schools. Putting the laptops away out of sight, tidily and locking the door is viewed as providing adequate protection. schools, colleges and businesses have a great number of laptop computers and their safekeeping needs to be carefully considered. For many people, serious security problems are not an issue, particularly where premises are overseen by the security measure

In these cases, our budget range provides effective lockable storage for laptops and laptop accessories. The metal cupboards are outstanding for storing equipment in locked rooms and cupboards, providing an inexpensive way for looking after and organising these indispensable machines. All the laptop lockers in this range are designed with laptops in mind, and made in two widths: 380mm and 450mm with a 450mm depth.  and privacy for each laptop and their user. Whether single or multi-door, the lockers are supplied with standard cam locks with 2 keys or hasp locks for padlocks, and other lock choices are available. In addition, the lockers are pre-prepared for nesting together in groups, for ease of installation, and finished with the Germ Guard anti-bacterial powder coat paint, available in a choice of 3 door colours, Red, Light Grey and Dark Blue

Budget Charging Locker

With the fast pace of life, busy jobs and packed school and college days, laptops often need re-charging. When you’re on the move, a safe place to charge up the laptop is essential. This range of budget laptop charging lockers provides cost-effective storage while laptops and other equipment charge up. Each compartment is equipped with a 3 pin plug socket to permit charging using each laptop’s own mains lead, and ventilated compartments for dissipation of heat. Again units come with a single door and shelves or as 8 or 12 compartment lockers.

laptop locker non-charging

Budget Charging Locker Trolley

If it’s necessary to share laptops between groups or take them from place to place safely these laptop trolleys are just the job; this range of trolleys provide mobile charging facilities cost-effectively. Various sizes are available, from the slimline trolley in 2 lengths, one for 8 laptops and the other for 16 laptops, while the large trolley provides easier access with its double doors for 16 laptops. The charging facility is provided in the same way as the product above.

The Safe Charge Range

The growing need to protect valuable portable items and the requirement for increased security and flexibility for customers led to the development of the Safe Charge range of laptop lockers.

The product is manufactured and constructed to deter the attack of thieves from any angle – the toughening of and parts and areas of the locker that are usually targeted by thieves and vandals produces great security for a reasonable cost: a strong rigid locker frame and 2mm thick doors, a 8mm thick rod hinge for the length of the locker and a secure locking device produces a high level of security that is difficult to break. The patented ‘SafeSecure’ locking system is designed to prevent break-ins around the lock – often a vulnerable area. This system is designed so that the lock cam engages in two places within the door upright, thus providing great strength and security.

Each laptop is concealed within its own safe space – and this takes a would-be burglar much longer to access all the laptops. And the locker looks…..just like a locker, so does not appear special or valuable to the would-be casual thief


The locker provides great security for a reasonable cost; while many add-on options increase the versatility and value for customers. There are 5, 10 and 15 locker compartment options to suit various needs. The 5 compartment is stackable and easily transported, while the 10 compartments will allow storage of the laptop bag too; and the 15 compartment allows multi-storage.

All lockers can be supplied with AC/DC charging options: each compartment can be provided with a 3-pin mains voltage socket to enable the charging of portable devices. Each locker is also provided with a switch fuse to isolate these charging points, and the cable can be directly hardwired into the mains if desired. Before delivery, lockers are PAT tested, earthed, CE marked and provided with a certificate. Of course, the locker can also be used to re-charge all small electrical items such as phones, PDAs, hand tools etc.
Lock choices while the cam lock is standard, the customer has many other options to suit the aspirations of the laptop manager; these include hasp for padlocks, coin locks, electronic digital locks, swipe cards, tags and Mifare options. The Mifare card option can provide a complete management network for the lockers – this may be a standalone option, but more frequently is used to integrate with other facility management systems, such as control cards for door access, library use and cashless catering. Increased security demands in colleges, schools and workplaces make this an ideal product. Here at Telford College, Edinburgh University, over 400 Safe Charge locker compartments were installed to provide ultimate security, control and laptop charging for college staff and students alike.

To complete the picture Total Locker Service provides technical advice, plus an installation and maintenance service. Prompt delivery of replacement keys and parts plus product refurbishment provides customers with the confidence that their valuable items will be secure and always available for use.

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