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AquaStore Swimming Pool Leisure Lockers

Our AquaSatore leisure lockers have a strong pedigree, it has been used in municipal pool environments for over 15 years and many of the original locker installations still in use today.

This ruggedly constructed laminate door locker with aluminium body and strong plastic shelves has been designed to provide years of low maintenance use. The locker door hinge has no finger traps and uses a replaceable concealed coil spring to close the door, this is easily replaced. the locker doors are through fixed as this is the most robust method. Each door has an escutcheon into which a locker door number plate is fitted.

Our AquaStore locker can be used against a wall on a builders plinth or as island units in a back to back configuration lockers can be mounted on builders plinths our on dedicated locker stands. Laminate end panels are needed to protect the end of locker runs they are available as single or doubler end panels for island runs.

Pure leisure lockers

Lockers are available with 1 through to 6 doors in widths of 300mm and 400mm and depths of 450mm and 500mm locker hights are 1800mm and 900mm.

Locker doors are manufactured from compact grade laminate from our Formica or Arpa range providing a very extensive range of possible laminate door colours, different laminate colours can do provided to create striking visual effects.

For where space is at a premium lockers can be combined with seat stands, providing seating and lockers in the smallest footprint possible.

Locking methods

Coin locks are used on this locker as standard, the lockers are provided with coin return locks either L&F or Ojmar both the locks can be combined with coin collection boxes where the coins are to be retained as a revenue stream instead of returning them to the user.

Hasp locks for when you want your customers to use there own padlocks to lock the lockers.

Electronic combinations are available with locks from Ojmar, Code lock, ASSA and L&F being available.

RFID locks from Ojmar are available in both basic and advanced, the advanced is available with a rich sweet of additional features.

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