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Pure Lockers British Library

Pure steel lockers

Replacement Pure lockers supplied and installed in the British Library. The British Library chose lockers provided by Total Locker Service for many reasons. One was that we would install it on a nominated day at the end of March. Another reason for the decision where the excellent choice of vibrant colours. The powder paint is both covid and bacteria-resistant, and the lockers are fire certified.

Initially, the British Library had decided on 300mm deep lockers though after discussions chose to opt for the 450mm deep lockers as the 300mm deep version was not going to meet its needs.

Pure Lockers are the most current locker manufacturer in the UK. They have the most up-to-date manufacturing facility with the latest equipment and paint facility. Unlike most of the competition, the lockers are designed to fit together without rivets, creating a gap. This improves the look of the lockers when fastened together in a line, as it is hardly visible that the bank of locks is not one continuous run.

Pure Locker Specification

The Pure lockers the Libary chose were 1800mm high by 300mm wide and 450mm deep. They were combined with a Lowe and Fletcher 4-digit combination lock with key override. Therefore making the lockers easy to administer and rest. Pure lockers are available in a wide choice of colours, and grey carcases with cobalt blue doors were chosen. Sloping tops were integrated into the design to prevent items from being stacked on top of the lockers.

Pure Locker numbers

Pure locker number plates manufactured by Total

Total Locker service manufactures a wide range of laminate products. Pure number plates are just one. In addition, our range includes escutcheons, number plates, key fobs, table numbers, door numbers and hotel key fobs are just a tiny sample.

If you read 5 books a day in the British Library, it will take you 80,000 years to read them all.

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