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Cam Locks with two keys for lockers

Cam locks with two keys for lockers, nut fixed for ease of fitting to the locker. Most locks are in stock and available for dispatch to the UK on a next-day delivery.

nut fixed cam lock

At Total Locker Service, we offer a diverse selection of locker locks from various manufacturers. Our priority is to provide nut-fixed cam locks, like the ones shown in the above photo, due to their versatility and simple installation process in lockers.

Fixing types for cam locks

There are three main types of cam lock fixing methods.

  • Nut fixed
  • Horseshoe clip
  • Spring clip

The horseshoe and spring clip fixing will only work if the dimensions are correct. Any variation and the locks will not fit correctly to the locker. It is only locks which are nut fixed where variations are resolved by fighting up the nut.

Horseshoe fixed

Spring clip fixed

Cam lock clip fixed

Nut Fixed

Cam lock nut fixed

Mastered Can Locks

All cam locks are not mastered for virtually all cam lock series; there is an unmastered option. However, it is far more common for the lock series to be mastered. Therefore mastered locks, there is an optional master key available. In other words, master keys will open all the locks in a particular series. Master keys are used to open a locked door without the patron key for security reasons or when a key is lost.

Key numbers

Locker key numbers are usually on the key and the cylinder face of the locks. Occasionally the number is on the side of the barrel. Consequently, there are cam locks with only a number on the key. Therefore do not buy locks of this type if you lose the keys; there is no way of replacing the keys. Therefore replacement locker keys are cut using the key number on the key, or cyLocker keys are cut using the code on the key or the cylinder. Key and cylinder codes are identical numbers.

Cam Lock numbering

Cam locks are usually supplied with random numbers from a series of numbers which can be as large as 2000. However, there are times when you may need to order specific codes, for example, when you need the same key to open two doors on a locker. The term for this is matching locks, where two or more locks have the same key number.

Cam lock size

There are two common sizes of lock the Lowe and Fletcher standard cam lock and the ASSA cam lock, which is larger. As a result, these locks are not interchangeable.

Lock cam

This is the bar that swings down to lock the locker door. As a result of door sizes and locker design, there are thousands of different cams available. Therefore variations include length, joggles and notches

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