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Coin locks and the new £1 coin

Coin locks and the new £1 coin

Old £1 coin

Today the final round £1 coin was minted.

From 2017 the new 12 sided £1 coin will be introduced

Will the new coin fit into existing £1 coin Locks ?

No the size and shape of the new coin will require some modifications

Total Locker Service would like to help all our customers with the changeover to ensure customers get a smooth change and can look at all the options available now to avoid delays closer to the event.

The solution to new orders is simply to opt for the Adjustable version of the current coin lock you choose.

The beauty of this lock is that it can be adjusted simply with a template and small screwdriver and a replacement coin slot . WITHOUT taking the lock off the door, this will allow customers to run locks with both coin types as demand increases more locks can be adjusted.

But what about existing customers?

You can check if a lock is adjustable if there is a small notch in the top right of the lock, which is used to measure the coin size.  If this is the case you can just supply a template and new coin slots when the new coins are introduced

If not then they can buy either new lock bodies to suit the new coin OR adjustable lock bodies now which can be gradually changed over to the new coin

Are there any other options we could suggest?

This could be the perfect time to change away from a keyed system!

Ojmar’s range of simple robust RFID locks are becoming the standard for leisure and fitness facilities worldwide giving options for revenue increase and secondary spend

Our Hasp Locks offer a cost-effective retrofit option, particularly popular with budget gyms for the ease of use, security and unique style

Or Go completely keyless with our OCS digital system, Auto opening, simple audit trails and easy to use software make this flexible system the ideal digital solution

What to do now?

This is an opportunity to really get to the bottom of your customers’ needs and offer them the perfect solution, with plenty of time to plan the change and revenue creating products which could pay for themselves.

Please give Total Locker Service a call on 01284 749211 to discuss your needs

We can establish with you how you will be affected by the pound coin change.

New £1 coin

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