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Ojmar OTS Mifare locker locks and lockers

Ojmar OTS Mifare locker locks and lockers

Mifare locker locks and lockers

Ojmar OTS locks. If you have a need to control access to lockers for staff or customers then the Ojmar OTS locking system will provide you with the flexibility to do so. Lockers can be assigned to individual people or allowed to use the first available locker. The system is as flexible as you want it to be you can allow users on a specific day or time or allow 7 days a week access or limit access to a specific period of time. The locks need no network cables as they are standalone and powered by batteries. The locks are controlled by software designed to run on a Windows-based PC the software provides comprehensive tools to allow you to control the locks, by writing the control date to a free sector on a Mifare card.

Ojmar OTS locks

The Ojmar OTS locks can be fitted to a wide variety of lockers provided by Total Locker Service

Laminate door lockers that can be controlled using the Ojmar OTS locks are available in compartments from 1 to 6 in with, locker depths ranging from 300mm to 450mm and depths from 300mm to 550mm, the laminate choice is extensive from the Arpa, Formica and Polyray range of compact grade laminate. The lockers are ideally suited to use in school and office environments.

System 2000 laminate door leisure lockers, best suited to use in a leisure centre or wet environment the locker is fully water resistant and ideal for all wet pools change environments. The locker is available in compartments 1 to 6 and widths of 300mm and 400mm and depths of 450mm and 500mm. the laminate choice is extensive from the Arpa, Formica and Polyray range of compact grade laminate.

Safecharge laptop lockers available in either non-laptop charging or with laptop charging, the range comprises a 5 compartment 950mm high lockers and 10 and 15 compartment 1800mm high lockers, the locker width is 450mm with a depth of 500mm. the locker has a 2mm steel door and is designed as a security product.


This lock will perfectly compliment to any access or management system installed in a facility. It is the technological alternative to mechanical locks. Its operation using a proximity media whether it is a card, a bracelet or the Wellness® key is really easy.

Either as an independent lock or integrated into an access control system, the OTS Transponder lock is a safe choice. To open and close the locker, the user only needs to press the knob with a proximity format: card, bracelet or Wellness® key. This makes it a very intuitive and therefore easy to use the lock.

It is ideal for replacing coin-operated locks as it has the same fixing holes. Available in two versions: the standard OTS Transponder model with all integrated functions and Basic OTS Transponder especially indicated for facilities where all its functions are not necessary.

The first lock on the market based on Mifare proximity technology, the support of which allows applications beyond merely using the locker, such as access control or cashless systems.
Ojmar combines the most reliable technology with a lot of market experience to offer a series of products that are adapted to the needs of the entire facility.

Info terminal

The Info terminal provides the user with information: for use if the user forgets the number of his/her locker, wishes to see the available credit limit, etc. When the OTS Transponder key is moved towards the indicated reading area, the Info terminal will display the lock number it occupies on-screen.


The programmer is a read and write unit, designed to record and read proximity cards and bracelets

Return unit

In facilities with a lot of occasional users, recovering bracelets is a priority. The OTS return unit is specifically designed for preventing the user from taking the bracelet away.

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