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Windsor leisure centre replacement laminate door lockers

Replacement laminate door lockers at Windsor leisure centre

Laminate door lockers

Laminate door lockers, our System 200 leisure locker is both good looking hard warring and low maintenance.

In December 2014, Total Locker service replaced their existing lockers. The lockers they had, had been in place since the centre was built and had come to the end of their life span. The locks were obsolete and causing frequent problems. The locker shelves had started to split and a number of them had already failed. The doors had dropped on their hinges and were getting to the point where they would all need to be replaced.

We were asked to look to replacing the existing lockers. Providing a product that would be relatively trouble free and need little maintenance.

Our proposal was to provide our System 2000 locker in a mixture of 2 and 3 compartment lockers.

This laminate door wet specification locker with aluminium door frame and body along with high impact resistant shelves has proved itself trouble free over its time in use. The lockers need little maintenance and the door springs are a relatively low-cost part if they should fail. The way the hinge has been designed, it only needs the coil spring to be changed. The hinge has also been designed to be trap free, so no issues with children hands.

Ojmar coin locks

The lock that we chose to complement the locker was the Ojmar wet specification coin lock with Securikey. The main features are as future proof as can be as the lock is adjustable and will take coins from 20p to £2. The standard lock has a removable cylinder and is supplied with two keys. We also stock the locks and cylinders just in case our customers have an issue.

Locker wrist straps

The wrist strap that was supplied with this product are our own TLS wrist strap. These are supplied with large numbers and a very easy to fit rivet. The straps are available in a number of colours black, red, blue, green, orange or yellow. We have now been manufacturing this strap for a number of years and it has outlasted all the other straps we have previously used.

In September this year after using the lockers for just under 12 months, we were asked to replace some of the single door half-high lockers. This was completed in November this year.


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