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Leisure Centre Locker and Cubicle Refurbishment

Recently we have been contacted by some of the Leisure Centre we service regarding upgrades to their lockers and cubicles. This involved repairs and replacement parts for the cubicle and locker doors and locks. The main structure of the cubicles and lockers was sound. Only the doors hardware and indicator bolts were looking old tiered starting to fail. The lockers needed new doors and locks.

Survey and Quotation

We surveyed the sites and provided our customer with a detailed breakdown of our proposed upgrades. We then offered a quotation along with a detailed price breakdown.

Contract award locker and cubicle

After due consideration, the customer accepted our proposal and proceeded to choose laminate colours from our Formica and Arpa range.

Laminate door leisure lockers
Lockers with top doors removed

From this point, we agreed an installation date and confirmed this with the Leisure Centres.

Hardware was then ordered, and the cubicle and locker doors put into production.

CoVid19 the unforeseen problem

Like all good plans, something will go wrong; occasionally this is an occurrence which is totally out of control. This time, it was a lockdown. As a result of this, the installation in March was postponed.


After much communication with the Centres, our installation team commenced installation on the 1st June. The installation was completed on time a week later with a happy customer and a job signoff.

Materials used in the upgrade

Arpa compact grade laminate, Alm Cubicle hardware and Ojmar wet specification £1 coin locks and spacers and additional materials manufactured by Total Locker Service

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