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All you need to know about Kitlock’s for beginners!

Kitlocks are ideal for keeping lockers safe. The Kitlock 1550 smart has advanced programming capabilities with access methods and multiple functions. This lock can have any number of users and manageable access to a larger amount of lockers, cabinets and enclosures. This lock allows use for public and private. It uses MIFARE smart cards and NetCode. These are a standard lock and come with manual operation or additionally can be purchased with the tablet to enhance support and audit trail. This product has multiple functions and access methods by a 12-button keypad. In addition, it comes with an 8-digit Master Code, 8-digit Sub-Master Code, and a 4-digit User Code. Furthermore, it comes with a 6-digit Technician Code and Penalty Time perfect for security. these locks also come with Low Battery and Battery Override so you know when your product needs a change in batteries. And an Auto Unlock, Audible keypad, and Dual code mode to make using this product as safe and simple as it could be.

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The Kitlock 1000 locker locks are fast fit for key cam locks which can be fit and supplied to a wide range lockers, cabinets and cupboards. These locks are easy to fit and are keyless. They take a few minutes to remove an existing cam lock and then additional topping fixed to the new. These locks can also be installed in a locker or cabinet that doesn’t have a previous locking device prior, which makes the user immediate, easy, keypad access without the worry of keys. Once installed the lock will perform 15,000 openings on just two AAA batteries (which are supplied). These locks have 11 individual round buttons with battery override. They come in different finishes silver, grey and black. In addition, you can get in left, right and vertical versions and RAL colour locks available on request. They are IP55 rated when used with the rubber door gasket – separate part. They are also ideal for Use in offices, schools, warehouses, hospitals, care homes, nurseries, hotels, leisure facilities and the home. In addition, they have NetCode web-based code creation available (KL1000 NC). The KL1000 has 4 code levels available:8-digit Master Code, 8-digit Sub-Master Code, 4-digit User Code and6-digit Technician Code.

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KL1060 KitLock NetCode Locker Lock has NetCode, Net Code is a way to create time-sensitive codes for a wide range of lockers and cabinets.the online NetCode, you can create codes that have a certain start date, time and period. Once the period has expired, the code will no longer be active. The use of time-sensitive codes is more of a safe way to secure and supply access as codes won’t be accepted unless they are in their timeslot. This is perfect for engineers, delivery personnel and medium-term locker rental and codes can be sent by email or SMS.

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KitLock 1200 locker locks are perfect for more challenging environments. These locks are easy to fit and provide additional programming features, stainless steel buttons, dual fixing points and improved number of operations from two AAA cells. They also come available with a right-handed model and with the option of a slam latch accessory. This is a simplified access and keyless access.

And finally, the Kitlock KL1050 is simplistic with a smart card which provides codeless access lockers, cabinets, cupboards and enclosures. This lock offers functions for single users and short-term use by multiple users and is easy to fit and replace an existing cam lock. It is also easy to fit to a new lock or cabinet that doesn’t have an existing lock mechanism.

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