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Cam Locks for Locking Locker Doors

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Mastered Cam Locks for Lockers

Assa Cam Locks

  • Wet area cam lock
  • Will fit the same hole size as an ASSA classic coin lock
ASSA cam locks with 2 keys 
ASSA cam lock information
Assa Cam Lock

Ojmar Cam Lock

These locks have models for: Wet, Dry & High security environments.

  • Highly resistant to continuous use & environmental factors.
Ojmar cam locks with 2 keys 
Ojmar Cam Lock

L&F Cam Locks

  • Cam locks for
  • Helmsman cam locks
  • Probe locker cam lock
  • Link locker cam lock
  • Universal nut fixed cam lock
Lowe and Fletcher Cam Lock

Helmsman Cam Locks

  • Cam locks for Helmsman lockers
  • Both 31/33 series and the older 95/97 series
Helmsman cam locks with 2 keys 
Helmsman Cam Lock

Probe Cam Locks

  • Cam lock to fit current Probe lockers
  • Locks supplied with 2 keys
Probe cal locks with keys 
Probe Cam Lock

Link Cam Locks

  • Link locker cam lock with 2 keys
Link Cam Lock

Garran Cam Locks

  • Garran locker cam locks
Garren Cam Lock

Alternative lock for Atlas lockers complete with 2 keys

This cam lock is a direct replacement for the AL series Atlas cam lock will fit all Atlas lockers regardless of lock series.

Atlas cam lock

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