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L & F discontinue there AA30 classic coin locks

Lowe and Fletcher have discontinued there AA30 classic coin locks. they are no longer available and there is now more stock

Lowe & Fletcher a company with a long history of manufacturing locks since 1889, offers a wide range of locking solutions for various applications, including lockers, healthcare, office furniture, and more. Their extensive product line encompasses everything from traditional mechanical locks to advanced electronic and RFID locks, demonstrating their adaptability and commitment to innovation in the locking industry.

Lowe and Fletcher classic coin lock AA30

AA30 coin locks

Regarding the specific AA30 classic coin locks, it appears that this particular model is not prominently featured in the current offerings on the Lowe & Fletcher website or the information provided by Total Locker Service, a company that deals in locker locks and related services. This could suggest that the AA30 classic coin lock model might be phased out or replaced by more advanced or different models. Lowe & Fletcher’s current locker lock range includes a variety of locking mechanisms like cam locks, latch locks, coin locks with different features, mechanical combination locks, and advanced electronic locks. These locks are designed to meet the diverse needs of various environments, including dry and wet areas, indicating a focus on versatility and security.

Total Locker Service

Total Locker Service, another key player in the industry, offers a wide range of locker locks, parts, and maintenance services, including products from manufacturers like Lowe & Fletcher. Their offerings also include various types of locker locks such as key locks, hasp locks, combination locks, and RFID locks, catering to different locker security needs.

The move away from a classic model like the AA30 coin lock, if indeed it has been discontinued, reflects a broader industry trend towards more versatile, secure, and technologically advanced locking solutions. Companies like Lowe & Fletcher and Total Locker Service are adapting to these changes by offering a diverse range of products that cater to the evolving needs of their customers.

The AA30 lock is now not available and if you have this lock you will need an alternative. The alternatives are you can get ate the Lowe and Fletcher AA12 classic coin locks. These locks are completely interchangeable the only difference is the series and the top of the cylinder having a dome. The major downside to this lock is that the key number is not stamped on the cylinder. Lowe and Fletcher have no planes to stamp the key number on the cylinder.

This means if you loose the keys and don’t know the numbers you cant have replacement keys cut.


ASSA classic coin lock

We recommend that you replace the Lowe and Fletcher AA30 classic coin locks with ASSA classic coin locks. The lock has a 5-year warranty. We will provide a free master keys. You have a choice of lock series.

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