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New duel £1 coin locks are now in stock

New duel £1 coin locks are now in stock

New duel £1 coin locks, we have now stock of our new Ojmar wet and dry specification £1 coin locks, this lock will work on both the new and old £1 coin at the same time.

ASSA classic coin lock

Therefore, if you by this lock on our new lockers or as a replacement lock you will not need to do anything when the new £1 coin is introduced. The lock functions on both coins at the same time.

What do I need to do if I already have Ojmar coin locks, give us a call on 01284 718773 and we can help you.

If you have adjustable Ojmar locks then you can adjust them to take the new £1 coin or we can do this for you.

If your locks are fixed £1 you will need to change the locks, the good news is the lock cylinders can be reused. Locks without cylinders are much lower in price. If you need cylinder removal keys, we can assist you.

Ojmar adjustable coin locks

How to adjust  an Ojmar adjustable coin lock

Ojmar patented system
Change coin size without dismantling lock
Work can be done without removing lock from locker
Requires a template and screwdriver (decal if different coin type)
Request on order

Ojmar lock options

Ojmar coin operated locks

The range comprises both a dry and wet specification lock, the wet specification lock has a securikey option. All locks have a removable cylinder and are supplied with 2 keys. Single coin locks are available as adjustable and can take coins from 20p to £2, multi-coin locks are available. Coin collection boxes are available for when you wish to collect the coins put into the locks.

Ojmar OCS combination locks

The electronic combination locks are available in black or white, there is a choice of 4 or 6 digit user combination code. The locks can be used in conjunction with lock software and remote control. The remote control can be used as a master key or used to reprogram the locks.

Ojmar OTS RFID card operated locks

The lock is available in two formats, basic and real time, the basic lock has limited functionality. The real-time lock can be fully integrated into an access control system using the locks PC based software.

Ojmar hasp locks

This lock is both functional and good looking and can be used as a direct replacement for a Euro format coin lock using the optional adaptor plate.

Ojmar cam locks

Lock range especially indicated for damp environments. The use of stainless steel pins makes them highly rustproof and resistant to constant use, and represents a singular solution in the sector.

For free advice on lock selection call 01284 718773

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