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Coin locks that can take both new and old £1 coin

Coin locks that can take both new and old £1 coin

Looking to buy new coin locks or lockers

Our new £1 coin locks will now work with both the old and new pound coins at the same time. So no problem with the phasing out of the old one pound coin and introducing the new coin as the lock will work with both at the same time.

Buying new lockers

If you are looking to purchase new £1 coin-operated lockers insist that they can be used on both the new and old £1 coins. You don’t want to have to change your locks in 2017 when the new coin is released.

Currently, have lockers fitted with £1 coin locks 

Give us a call we will be happy to talk you through your options and what will best serve your needs.

New £1 coin received

Following the samples of the New pound coin we received in January,  we have been looking at trying to make the

change as simple as possible now and next year.

To this end, Omar’s new style coin lock has been modified to work with both the Old and new style coins.

The images show the 76  wet area lock, Dry Area Lock, the 74  and standard key  75 ref Wet area locks and the new decal to show the lock works with both coins

Please let us know if you have any questions, call 01284718773

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