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Leisure lockers how to choose

Leisure lockers how to choose

Why is it important to specify the correct leisure lockers? The specification determines the cost of the product. There is little point paying for features that you do not need or would not use. So specifying the correct product can ensure you get the most appropriate product and still save you money.


Items to consider when buying leisure lockers

  • Is it a wet area, showers or steamy?
  • Is the use light or heavy?
  • What locks are needed?
  • Do the locks need to be used in a wet area?
  • Is the locker going outside?
  • Coin locks, what denomination is to be used?
  • Coin locks, do you want to keep the money?

Dry area leisure lockers

If you have a dry area and need lockers, then a standard heavy-duty mild steel locker with laminate doors is probably your best option. Our System 1300HD range of lockers is extremely robust and is available with Arpa or Formica compact grade laminate doors. This locker is available in one to six doors. The standard locker is 1775mm high with widths from 300mm to 450mm and depths from 300mm to 550mm.

One of the main savings with dry area lockers is the locks; if you do not need wet area, locks the costs are much reduced. For a dry area coin lock, the saving can be as much as 40%. The same range of wet locks can be fitted to both wet and dry lockers.

With this locker you do not need to have end panels, they are available if you like, though they are not a requirement. Also, the lockers can be mounted directly on to the floor though stands are valuable if needed.

Leisure centre lockers

This locker is a full wet specification locker designed for use in high footfall areas such as local authority leisure centres. The robustness of this locker means that with regular maintenance you would expect to achieve a lifespan of more than 10 years.

The System 2000 locker is constructed of aluminium extrusions, high impact plastic shelves and an aluminium body. Locker doors are manufactured from compact grade laminate from our Arpa or Formica range.

This locker is available with compartments one through to six doors. The standard locker is 1800mm high with widths 300mm and 400mm depths from 450mm to 500mm.

With wet specification lockers, you need to ensure that your choice of locks is also a wet specification. There is a large number of coin, cam, hasp, Rfid and electronic combination locks available.

With this locker, you need to ensure you have good plinth to mount the lockers on as they need to be flat and level. If Builders plinths are not available, we have a range of wet specification locker stands that can be used to raise the locker off the floor.

End panels are required for all exposed end of runs we provide both single and double end panels. Double end panels are used for back-to-back runs of lockers.

Outdoor lockers

The only suitable external locker is our eXtreme plastic locker, this locker is extremely robust and unaffected by water. Though the locker is not watertight it has proved to be a good storage solution for schools with little space and environments with harsh climates. The locker can be supplied with key, hasp or coin-operated locks.

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