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Coin Lockers Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Coin Lockers Barnsley Hospital

Probe coin lockers

Locker issues at Barnsley Hospital

Barnsley hospital had a large administration problem with their existing lockers. They had over time purchased lockers from numerous suppliers resulting in a large number of different locks and key, making management difficult and purchasing keys a problem. The lockers were also in many shapes and sizes, some in good condition and a lot of others not, none of which were coin lockers.


Stacey wanted to remove the existing mixture of lockers from their changing rooms and replace them with lockers all the same type. They wanted to be able to clean under the lockers and prevent staff from storing items on top of the lockers.

Visitor and patient lockers needed to be coin operated raised off the floor and configured so that items could not be stored on top of them.  The locks had to be coin operated as they have had issues previously controlling the keys.
Single door lockers where required with sloping tops coin operated locks and stands for the words. Family rooms need 2 or 3 door lockers of a similar specification.

Locker solution

Helen worked with Stacy to provide a number of solutions to meet the different needs identified for each type of user. Samples lockers were shipped to the hospital so that they could evaluate the various offering and see if they would meet their needs.

Coin lockers

For the coin operated lockers, we selected Ojmar dry specification coin lock that will work with both the new and old one £1 coin at the same time without needing resetting. The Ojmar locks we fit have removable cylinders with the key code engraved on the lock cylinder, this makes replacing the keys much simpler.

The locker range was from our System 1300 range of lockers available in 1 to 6 compartment, a large range of widths and depths. Most types of locks can be fitted to this lockers.

Existing lockers rooms

Current lockers

After the new Coin operated lockers had been fitted to the changing rooms

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