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MiniBox Personal Effects lockers, Mini lockers

Probe MiniBox Personal Effects lockers, Mini lockers

Probe Lockers has launched a new addition to their popular MiniBox locker. The 20 compartment stackable MiniBox lockers have proven to be a versatile personal effects storage solution. The MiniBox lockers compartments sizes at 155mm high x 155mm wide x 380mm deep is ideal for personal items the additional depth enabled the unit to store items larger than the usual personal effects items. The 20 compartment units are wall mountable and stackable allowing you to create a wall of personal effects compartments.

The new MiniBox units are smaller and with fewer compartments. The new 8 compartment units are ideal for those requiring less than 20 compartments. The units are still wall mountable and stackable so you can combine as many units as you like to create truly personalised storage solutions. The new units are smaller at 155mm high x 155mm wide x 230mm deep. This unit is sized only to take personal effects items wallets, phones and such. The 230mm depth is still sufficient depth for items of this nature.

MiniBox has a number of locking options, keyed locks, swivel hasp locks to take a padlock or reprogrammable 4 digit combination locks. This unit can’t take a coin-operated lock as the door size is not sufficiently large to take one.

The MiniBox locker is available in a wide range of colour options.

Probe minibox lockers

MiniBox locker specification


A new storage locker to store small, personal items securely in almost any environment. Manufactured in banks of eight (4 wide x 2 high).


Probe Cam-Lock or Hasp & Staple (excluding padlock) supplied as standard.

Other Combination Locks available.


Pre-drilled to enable banks of lockers to be nested, stacked or wall fixed.

MiniBox 8 compartment

probe mini box lockers 8 door

Unit Size – 900mm (w) x 415mm (h) x 230mm (d)

Compartment Size 155mm (w) x 155mm (h) x 230mm (d)

MiniBox 20 compartment

Unit Size – 900mm (w) x 940mm (h) x 380mm (d)

Compartment Size 155mm (w) x 155mm (h) x 380mm (d)

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