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Changing Room Bench seating on a 5 day delivery

We at Total Locker Service offer some of the best ranges of changing room bench seating available our seating is shipped within five working days for both wet and dry specification seating this usually includes our deeper 400mm seats. The only restriction to our full range is it is only available with light grey frames.

Bench Seat

Bench seat

Free standing bench seating can be used against a wall or in the middle of a room. The bench seating can be floor fixed with the addition of a floor fining and adjustable fixing kit. Seating with a light grey frame is on a five working day lead time for both wet and dry specification. Other colours are available on a 10 day lead time. The seating is available with seat depths of 300mm and 400mm. The seat slats are made from Ash hardwood 80mm x 25mm which has been sanded, sealed and polished with hardwearing lacquer. Standard seat lengths are 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 2000mm.

Wall Mounted Hook Board

hook board

Wall mounted hook boards are available in the same lengths as the bench seating. Hooks are mounted on Ash slates with a wide range of hook colours.

Single Sided Bench Seat with Integrated Hook Board 

changing room bench seating

Single sided bench seating can be used against a wall or to break up a room in a structured way as with the bench seat lead times are 5 days for light grey frames. Standard lengths are as above, hook colours are the same as the frame colour.

Double Sided Bench Seating with Integrated Hook Board

bench seating

Double sided bench seating is used in the middle of changing rooms as a space-saving way to provide the maximum seating in the minimum of space. Light grey frame seating with light grey hooks are on a 5 day lead time other colours 10 working days. Lengths and depths are as above.

Changing Room Bench seating

The following bench seating is available on a 10 working day lead time for all standard colours 

Cantilever bench seating

Cantilever bench seating for when you want to have no legs in contact with the floor for ease of cleaning. For this range of seating, the walls must be constructed in such a way as to be able to take the force of the seating. Seating is available with a seat depth of 300mm and standard lengths as above.

Wall to Floor Seating

Wall to floor seating is ideal as a budget range for use as perimeter seating using the room wall as a support. Walls need to be substantial but not as substantial as cantilever seating. Seating lengths and depths as bench seat. Seating lead time 10 working days.

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