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Budget laptop lockers, charging and non-charging

Budget laptop lockers

Total Locker Service has launched a new range of budget laptop lockers which includes an option for laptop charging. This locker is a reduced specification of our successful Safe Charge laptop lockers. We have reduced the material thickness of the doors from 2mm to a standard UK specification of 0.9mm. The product is available with both 10 and 15 compartments with a choice of a single door or individual compartment doors. If you need a laptop charging facility each model has the option of individual UK standard 3 pin sockets in each compartment. The unit has a single lead that connects to the mains supply which is located on the top of the locker. The standard locking options are cam locks 2 keys per lock and swivel hasp locks to take a padlock. For the 10 compartment unit, there are additional locking options including electronic combination locks, coin return locks, mechanical combination locks and much more. The lockers come in a wide range of colours, Ice Grey, Royale blue, Skye blue, Cherry red, Smoke, Forest Green, Black, Yellow and White.

This product combines both quality and value in one very desirable laptop storage product.

Protect your assets laptops are expensive and our laptop charging lockers both protect and charge the lockers. Laptop computers are expensive but the cost of the missing data is often beyond price. The Lost date can often not be replaced and has a large impact on students and business. The time and money involved in replacing and reconfiguring the laptops can be enormous.

P:robe lockers

Probe laptop lockers

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