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Total Locker Service (TLS) stands out as a comprehensive solution provider for various storage and security needs, catering to a diverse range of sectors with their innovative products and services. Let’s explore the multitude of offerings from TLS, underlining their commitment to enhancing organizational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Total Locker Service

Diverse Range of Storage Solutions

  1. Variety of Lockers: TLS offers a wide selection of locker types, catering to different environments and needs. This includes standard lockers for medium-duty environments, robust laminate door lockers for increased security and durability, vision door lockers for easy content monitoring, and heavy-duty options for maximum security and resilience​​.
  2. Innovative Locking Mechanisms: They provide various locking options, such as hasp locks, combination locks (mechanical and electronic), coin-operated locks (return and retain types), and networked locks for integration into security systems​​.
  3. Heated Lockers: TLS also introduces heated lockers, a modern solution suitable for multiple industries, ensuring items are stored safely and in an optimal condition​​.
  4. Outdoor and Plastic Lockers: Catering to different environmental needs, TLS provides outdoor lockers and extreme plastic lockers, ideal for various settings​​.
  5. Specialized Lockers: They offer postal lockers and leisure lockers, each designed to suit specific storage requirements in different settings​​​​.

Security and Safety Products

Battery safe
  1. Safes: TLS supplies a range of fire and cash-rated safes, collaborating with leading manufacturers to ensure high-quality and reliable products​​.
  2. Security Mirrors: They offer a selection of convex mirrors, including unbreakable stainless steel options, ideal for high-risk areas like subways or car parks​​.
  3. Key Cabinets and Padlocks: Ensuring the safety of keys, TLS provides secure key cabinets and a variety of padlocks​​.
  4. Medical Cabinets: Tailored for healthcare settings, their medical cabinets offer secure storage solutions​​.

Bench Seating and Changing Room Accessories

Bench seat
  1. Bench Seating: TLS provides metal-framed and plastic bench seating, suitable for both wet and dry environments. These benches come in various sizes and configurations, including wall-mounted options​​.
  2. Shelving and Racking: They also offer shelving and racking solutions, further enhancing storage efficiency in various settings​​.

Tailored Services and Support

  1. Locker Service and Parts: TLS offers comprehensive locker services, including maintenance and supply of essential locker parts and keys, ensuring functionality and longevity of the storage systems​​.
  2. Customization and Sustainability: With a focus on customization and sustainability, TLS adapts their solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients, contributing to the creation of organized and productive spaces​​.

In summary, Total Locker Service exemplifies a unique blend of innovation, quality, and customer focus. Their holistic approach, encompassing a wide range of products and services, positions them as a vital partner for businesses and institutions in managing their storage and security needs effectively. Whether it’s for educational institutions, healthcare settings, or commercial spaces, TLS’s offerings are designed to enhance organizational efficiency and provide reliable, secure storage solutions.

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