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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited

Total Locker Service has supplied 10 compartment garment lockers to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited, the 10 compartment garment dispenser locker is part of our System 1900 garment locker range designed for industrial and office garment collection and dispensing.

 System 1900 garment lockers

The range consists of a 5, 10, 15 and 20 compartment garment dispensers and a garment collector, the lockers are 1820mm high for flat top lockers and 1970 for sloping top lockers all the lockers in the range are 380mm wide and 450mm deep. The garment dispensers all have a control door operated be a can lock all of which are on the same series this allows for easy loading of garments as the control door opens all compartments at once, the garments are accessed by individual doors. The System 1900 range has a range of locker stands to facilitate easy cleaning by lifting the locker 150mm off the floor and a 25mm mild steel box section stand, the stands are designed to take 1, 2 or 3 lockers.

Garment lockers

Detailed Product Specification

All Garment Dispensers are drilled to enable bolting together or to Garment Collectors to suit your requirements. Construction: Spot welded and pop riveted.

Mild steel powder coated.

Door Frame Assembly: This comprises an inner and outer door frame. The outer frame is manufactured from the heavy gauge mild steel channel section. The inner frame is fabricated from heavy gauge mild steel channel with tubular cross members. The inner frame is hinged by means of a full length hinge rod 8 mm diameter manufactured from galvanised mild steel.

Doors: The small compartment doors are hinged by means of the full-length hinge rod. Each door has a rubber buffer to prevent opening damage. 

Numbering: Both inside and outside of the doors can be numbered with thermographic number labels for easy compartment identification. Bottom: The bottom is formed as a 50 mm high inverted plinth with return bends at the bottom edge. Edges holed at sides for fitting to stands. Internal Shelves: All shelves have a safety over and flat front edges. Locking: The inner door is secured by a 10 disc tumbler cam lock. All small compartments are fitted with 10 disc tumbler cam locks with two keys to each lock. On delivery of units, the keys are fixed to each internal compartment shelf for easy compartment identification. 

Paint Finish: Five stage automatic degreasing and phosphating process to remove surface contamination. This base gives improved adhesion and humidity resistance. The paint is applied by high-speed electrostatic rotating bells, which are computer controlled to ensure the correct thickness of paint is applied. The component parts are then powder coated at the correct temperature to ensure a hard paint finish is achieved. Colour Range: Body: “Ice” (Light Grey) industry standard colour, other colour options available. Doors: “Royale” (Royal Blue) industry standard colour, other colour options available. 

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: The following can be supplied at an additional cost and, if included, will be specified in the quotation. Stands: Garment Dispensers can be provided with stands giving 150 mm clearance. 

Adjustable feet can also be provided. Sloping Tops: Garment Dispensers can be manufactured with a 150 mm sloping top. Three-Point Locking: The system increases the security of the main door by providing locking in three positions. End Panels: For aesthetic appearance and to protect row ends, specifically designed end panels are available. 

Additional Colours: In addition to our standard “Ice” body and “Royale” door, we can offer colours from our colour range. Installation: We offers a full installation

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