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SiteCharge6 Secure storage for charging hand tool batteries.

Site Charge 6 Secure storage for charging hand tool batteries

Charging hand tool batteries

Do you have problems on site with hand tool charges scattered everywhere, cables draping causing potential safety issues? Contractors complaining they do not have anywhere to plug in their tool or that their battery has gone missing.

Would you like to get control over the situation?

Prevent any possible hazards?

Remove conflict and wasted time?



Our hand tool battery charging locker may be a solution. The units will allow you to create a dedicated tool storage saving time, creating a safe environment and removing any confusion regarding who owns the battery.


Our SiteCharge6 has 6 compartments and within each compartment is a standard UK 3pin socket that is designed to be used for charging portable hand tools. Each bank of 6 lockers has a single power lead that can be plugged into a standard 13A socket. A residual-current device can be fitted to the unit at a premium.

The locker has 6 individual doors with external dimensions 1775mm high x 300mm wide x 450mm deep. Standard locking options are Swivel hasp locks to take a padlock or cam locks supplied with 2 keys per lock.

There is a wide range of locker door colours available.

Additional locking options

At a premium, the units can be fitted with mechanical combination locks, coin return locks or electronic combination locks.

Battery Bank has been designed to provide a safe environment for charging power tool batteries

At the end of the day, all you need to do is place your power tools in the battery bank, charge them up safe in the knowledge that they’ll be safe and secure

As a single recharging point, Battery Bank ensures good practice for risk assessment

Tidy up that cabin – take unsightly & dangerous chargers and put them in a safe environment

Coin return locking so operating on a coin return basis (£1)

Hasp lock – padlock and 2 keys on integral management system

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