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Probe laminate door Lockers

Probe laminate door locker

Probe lockers

Probe laminate door lockers though more expensive than standard steel lockers are much more robust. The design of the lockers and the use of laminate doors means that they do not suffer the same issues as metal doors, they are highly resistant to the doors being pushed into the locker. Laminate door lockers last much longer than steel lockers are easy to service and maintain. The door laminate is available in a good selection of highly decorative colours which are easy to clean. The laminate door lockers are available with a wide range of locking systems.

Case Study Laminae Door Lockers

The Open Academy Norwich will move into a new, purpose-built building in September 2010. The outline design was chosen to reflect the ethos of the school enabling them to hold full school assemblies in their unique Open Forum.

Learning zones have been designed to support all learners of different abilities. The outside space has been created as a classroom to support their environmental approach. The building itself will be able to be ‘read’ by students and staff alike to see how it is responding to different weather conditions and how much energy it is using.

Jon Platten, the newly appointed Principal of the Academy stated: “The new building is a clear demonstration of investment in the community and I hope it will be the focus of many opportunities for young people.“

The Main Contractor for the site appointed a London based consultancy company to project manage the supply of furniture and equipment on this prestigious contract. The practice is well known for delivering schemes that reflect best possible value in design, specification, performance and cost.

To meet a very demanding brief to supply lockers for the Academy, the client turned to locker manufacturer Lion Steel. Sales & Marketing Director, Alastair McKay takes up the story, “We have developed ‘Probe Shockproof lockers specifically for this type of environment. Our lockers are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards of quality and appearance. The robust construction enhances the aspects of anti-vandalism and security. Each compartment is fitted with a solid grade, inset, laminate door. This amazing material is resistant to impact, scratches and graffiti. Each door has two hinges protected by a securing plate and latched with a Hasp & Staple lock.”

Students will provide their own padlocks to secure their locker.

Some 300 lockers have been installed around the Academy in varying shades of Red, Blue and Yellow . Coloured doors are located in a random pattern which compliments the dramatic interior design of each area where the lockers are sited.

Lion Steel has been manufacturing innovative locker and storage systems for over 40 years from their combined 130,000 square foot manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Hyde and Chester, Cheshire.

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