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Poolside bench seating for Hucknall pool

Removable poolside bench seating at Hucknall pool

Hucknall pool chooses removable poolside plastic seating

The refurbishment of poolside seating at Hucknall swimming pool was carried out by Total Locker Service in summer 2013. Dave Gedling, Facilities Manager wanted to renew the existing stepped poolside seating and was keen to recreate a high-class professional ‘sporty’ look, while being assured of a product that could easily be removed for regular cleaning, with a long life and for a reasonable cost – tall order!

The original seating was purpose made stadium seating designed so that it could be removed for cleaning. The seating consisted of 3 plastic slates mounted on a small frame work. The seating being mounted on top of a number of tiled steps allowing 4 rows of spectators seated along pool side.

Total Locker Service always looks for solutions to meets its customer’s aspirations, and this time it was no different.  A range of different seating products was considered, but in this case it soon became clear that one particular product stood out from every other.

The challenges for the product were that the seating was in a wet, warm chlorinated environment, in constant use in addition to the requirement that the seating must be removable for regular cleaning, and then securely locked down when back in use.

Plastic bench seat

It was quickly decided not to select ash hardwood bench slats, due to the fact that it soon loses it beautiful appearance under heavy wear in a warm, wet environment in public areas. So the decision was for thermoplastic seating, which comes in brightly coloured slats and does not degrade.  And the winning factor was that Total Locker developed a system for quick slat removal and replacement, using stainless steel fixings invisible to the public eye that with one swivel would release the slats, and then lock them back into place after cleaning the area. And all this for a reasonable cost.

Once the planning and testing of the product were complete, Total Locker worked closely with pool management so that the seating could be installed at night, so as not to disturb pool summer activities.

More about our thermoplastic changing room seating:

This comes as standard lengths: 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm in a variety of styles: standard bench seat with shelf under,  and single and double-sided bench seats with hook boards. Bespoke styles are always available, and delivery is normally within 10 days.

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