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Mirrors and safes, Total locker service offer an extensive range of Securikey products all of which are specifically designed to meet your security needs. Securikey has worked hard to achieve the Secured by Design certification on a range if its product.


Total locker Service offers a range of products by the leading UK physical security supplier Securikey. Securikey has achieved ‘Police Preferred Specification’ status for nine of there product within its convex safety mirror range, demonstrating that the company has met the high standards set by Secured by Design (SBD). Secured by Design is a national Police crime prevention initiative which aims to reduce burglary and other crime types using the principles of good design and appropriate physical security measures.

Securikey worked with Bennett Mirror Technologies, a leading mirror specialist with over 60 years of mirroring expertise, to develop the Institutional Polycarbonate, Institutional Stainless Steel and Anti-Vandalism safety mirror ranges, ensuring they meet the exacting standards of both Police and Secure Facility requirements. The mirrors have also been developed in conjunction with prison architects and rigorously tested to meet stringent UK Home Office, London Metropolitan Police and The Prison Service regulations. Providing real-time surveillance, these mirrors effectively eliminate blind spots to ensure the safety of inmates, patients, staff and visitors who might be at risk from surprise attacks or collisions.

Securikey’s approved models are available in various styles, sizes and materials to suit a range of requirements and are all ligature-free. They are also carefully designed with anti-vandalism properties to withstand harsh environments in applications such as prisons, psychiatric hospitals, and various secure correction facilities.

Securikey’s Institution Polycarbonate range includes the Quarter and Half face models, both featuring an extremely hard-wearing mirror face of premium quality 3mm polycarbonate. With a flexible protective coating to resist repeated blows and a strong anti-ligature powder-coated steel frame to securely fasten the mirrors, preventing removal and tampering, this range is ideal for staff, inmate and patient safety.


The Institutional Stainless Steel range has Quarter Dome, Half Dome, and Ceiling Dome options to meet various site requirements. Made from high-quality scratch resistant 1.2mm stainless steel for clear reflection, these mirrors are unbreakable, heat resistant and easy to maintain whilst their anti-ligature steel frames ensure they meet high-security requirements. Due to the innovative pressed counter-step holes in the Ceiling Dome, this model can be fixed straight to the ceiling or wall without the need for a frame, and an anti-pik filler can be used to further minimise any risk of ligatures.

In addition to other variations, the Anti-Vandalism Stainless Steel range offers a Stainless Steel Wall Dome Mirror with 180 degrees of vision. This range is specially designed for highly hostile environments and helps to prevent surprise attacks. Not only is the mirror manufactured with a highly polished stainless steel that is resistant to repeated blows, but it is also ideal for vandalism-prone areas as graffiti can easily be removed with solvents without damaging the mirror.

All models are virtually unbreakable, and their ease of maintenance leads to minimal costs with maximum security. As well as direct consultations with customers, Securikey offers a comprehensive online guide to convex mirrors which can be viewed on its website at

Other SBD-approved product ranges from Securikey include the Euro Grade, Mini Vault Silver, Mini Vault FR Gold, Secure Stor, Fire Stor and Modulprim Modular Vault ranges.

SBD focuses on crime prevention for homes and commercial premises. Securikey’s status as an approved supplier acknowledges that the company and its products have met the high standards set by SBD, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to quality.

Alan McInnes, General Manager of Secured by Design, said, “We are pleased to welcome Securikey to SBD. These products are a new category for Secured by Design and we fully support the development of this type of innovative security product.”


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