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Security Cabinets Steel Stor

If you have a need to store a large number of valuable items or large bulky products then we have a range of large secure steel storage cabinets to meet your needs.

Within this range of 6 value storage cabinets you should be able to find a product to meet your needs.

Ideal for securing mobile phones, police radios, large valuable items.

Security cabinets

All models are supplied with shelves and door boxes, additional shelves are available if needed.

They also conform to the construction required for the misuse of drugs (safe custody) regulation 1973

Subjected to a severe FG burglary test, the 4mm steel body, a 3-way locking bolt and a VdS approved class 1 safe lock are supplemented by a continuous dog bar over the hinged side of the door and hardened plates to protect all other areas prone to attack.

Available in six sizes with alternative locking options, the cabinet is supplied with prepared base fixing points, shelves and door boxes.

Steel Stor has a £3,000 cash rating and a £30,000 valuables rating.

Insurance companies’ ratings can vary with higher or lower figures applied depending upon risk, location and locking option. If it is important then please check with your insurers.

• Ideal for storing large or bulky items
• Independently tested and approved to withstand a burglary attempt (FG Test)
• £3,000 cash rating (10x valuables)**
• 4mm steel body with 3 way locking
• Continuous dog bar protects the hinge edge
• Fitted with a VDS class 1 lock and 2 keys as standard
• Hardened steel plates protect all potential attack areas
• Supplied with shelves and door boxes
• 6 sizes for total flexibility

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