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Locker Lock Conversion

Wold of Books asked if anything could be done to resolve their locker problems. In conclusion, the World of Books works in a multiple-shift system. The lockers are supposed to be used by the staff for a single shift. The current situation was that staff were personalising lockers along with a large number of keys had gone missing as staff changed. We were initially asked to change the locks to coin-operated locks though this was not possible with their current metal lockers.

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Locking options

We presented two options for consideration out standard mechanical combination locks TLS4 and the electronic KL1000 combination lock.

Due to the complexity of the shifts and the goal of minimising the number of lockers they had by only making lockers available for one shift at a time. We recommended the KL1000 a good solid reliable electronic combination lock at a good price. The KL100 will help the management open locks that have been left closed at the end of the shift. The locks we programmed with a master code 6 digits along with a 4 digit sub-master. The 4 digit sub-master removes the need to use the master code and keep it secure. The 4 digit sub-master is much easier to use and can be easily changed.

Lock installation

Total Locker Service uses their own trained engineers to carry out installations. Our engineers have years of experience converting, servicing and installing lockers. We commenced the conversion as agreed one week after World of Books placed the order. Because they were in a rush to resolve the problems with the lockers. Our team arranged a convenient time and date for the lock conversion and our engineer worked through it until completion. After that, our engineer programmed the locks with a master and sub-master code.

World of Books benefits

Benefits of converting lockers from key locks to KL1000 electronic combination locks. As a result, all of their lockers are in use. In addition, they have been able to reduce the number of lockers in their changing rooms. They are resulting in more space, which allowed them to install bench seating. In addition, the staff are more content as they now have lockers available for them to use during their shifts.

Locks installed KL1000 electronic combination locks

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