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Lords Cricket Ground changing room replacement locker doors and locks

Replacement locker locks: Total Locker Service has provided Marylebone Cricket Club with a solution to their changing requirement regarding changing room locker locks; the existing coin return locks no longer meet the requirements of their customers. Marylebone Cricket Club felt that a combination lock would better suit the requirements of its customers. We offered the customer an extensive choice of both digital and mechanical combination locks; Marylebone Cricket Club chose the American-manufactured Digilock for its elegant design, simplicity of use and master key functionality.
As part of the project, Total Locker Service replaced the existing compact-grade laminate doors with new Trespa compact-grade laminate doors.

Lords Cricket Ground

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Lords Cricket Ground decided to choose the digipack electronic combination locks. Total Locker Service is the main agent for Digi lock, so we offer the most competitive prices for the range of locks.

replacement locker locks. Digilock axis locks
DigiLock Axis Locks

In the world of sports, tradition and innovation often go hand in hand. Lord’s Cricket Ground, widely regarded as the “Home of Cricket,” is no exception. With a rich history dating back to 1814, Lord’s has witnessed countless iconic moments in cricket history. However, as times change and technology advances, even venerable institutions like Lord’s must adapt to meet modern demands. This is where Total Locker Service steps in, revolutionizing the security landscape of Lord’s Cricket Ground through the installation of DigiLock Axis Locks.

Unveiling DigiLock Axis Locks

Total Locker Service, a leading provider of innovative locker solutions, has collaborated with Lord’s Cricket Ground to introduce a cutting-edge security enhancement – the DigiLock Axis Locks. These advanced digital locks blend seamlessly with Lord’s timeless architecture while offering unparalleled security and convenience to players, staff, and visitors.

State-of-the-Art Security

Security is of paramount importance, especially in sports facilities where valuable equipment and personal belongings are stored. The DigiLock Axis Locks utilize state-of-the-art encryption and authentication mechanisms to ensure that only authorized individuals can access the lockers. This eliminates the risks associated with traditional key locks, where keys can be lost or duplicated, compromising security.

Keyless Convenience

Gone are the days of fumbling for keys or remembering combinations. The DigiLock Axis Locks offer a keyless experience that’s both user-friendly and time-efficient. Users can access their lockers using various methods such as RFID cards, PIN codes, or even smartphone apps, providing a personalized and convenient locker experience.

Effortless Management

For the facility management at Lord’s Cricket Ground, the transition to DigiLock Axis Locks brings newfound ease. The locks are integrated with a centralized management system that allows administrators to remotely control and monitor locker access. This feature simplifies locker allocation, reduces administrative overhead, and ensures efficient utilization of locker space.

Enhancing the Visitor Experience

Lord’s Cricket Ground attracts cricket enthusiasts from around the globe. The upgrade to DigiLock Axis Locks enhances the overall visitor experience by providing a secure storage solution for personal belongings. Whether attendees are watching an intense match or participating in a guided tour, they can trust that their valuables are well-protected.

Seamless Aesthetics

Preserving the aesthetic integrity of Lord’s Cricket Ground was a crucial consideration during the upgrade. The DigiLock Axis Locks’ sleek and modern design effortlessly complements the classic architecture, ensuring that the essence of Lord’s is not compromised by technological additions.


As Lord’s Cricket Ground embraces the digital age, the collaboration between Total Locker Service to fit new doors and replacement locker locks from DigiLock. The Axis lock emerges as a shining example of how tradition and innovation can harmoniously coexist. The security and convenience benefits offered by these locks not only streamline operations but also enhance the overall experience for players, staff, and visitors alike. This upgrade serves as a reminder that even the most historic institutions can adapt and thrive in the face of evolving technology, solidifying Lord’s status as the cricketing pinnacle for generations to come.

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