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Key Cabinets

Key Cabinets

If you are looking to purchase a key cabinets Total Locker Service have a solution for you. We have a large range of cabinets with varing levels of security and locking methods. Our range of cabinets range for a simple key cabinet or a more advanced key issue and monitoring system. We can offer a solution to meet most requirements. Our Key cabinets are suitable for domestic, commercial and light industrial applications. Our key cabinets provide secure storage due to their incredibly robust design, as well as effective key management with the use of index cards, key tabs, rings and numbers in addition to more sophisticated key tracking options.

High Security Key Safes

Offering the ultimate in key control, these key safes are the ideal solution to safeguard against lost or stolen keys, even within high security commercial applications such as high-end Motor Dealers, Police Stations, Government Agencies and Banks.

Key Vaults

Our key vaults offer advanced key control, management and security to meet insurance company requirements, allowing them to be used for applications such as Estate Agents, Motor Dealerships, Hospitals and Care Homes.

Standard System Cabinets

Providing affordable and effective key control and protection, our standard system key cabinets are used in a wide variety of applications including Office Buildings, Schools and Universities.

Specialist Systems

Based on our standard key cabinet range, our specialist systems have been tailored to suit specific needs and are used in a huge variety of applications including Residential Properties, Offices, Entertainment Venues and Industrial Applications.

  • Padlock Cabinets
  • Key View Cabinets
  • Portable Key Cabinets
  • Emergency Key Holding Boxes
  • Combi Cabinets
  • Euro Cylinder Systems

Key Cabinet Spares

Our key cabinet spares and accessories are designed to cater for all your organisational requirements.

  • Emergency Key Holding Spares
  • Key Tabs and Rings
  • Hook Bars
  • Sign Out Tabs
  • Indexing
  • Key Cabinet Locks

Key Cabinet Locking Options

A key cabinet is only as secure as its locking device and locks have been designed so that they are quick and easy to install and programme.

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